Ziro Festival 2021- Music Festival of Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Festival 2021: Ziro festival is known for music, It is an outdoor music festival held in the north-east Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh in the Ziro Valley.

Ziro Festival 2021
Ziro Festival 2021 pc:https://zirofestival.com/

It is Perform to indicate the independent music scene in India. The festival is found by Anup Kutty and Bobby Hano in 2012.
However, at this festival, all types of Music like pop-funk, jazz, pop, hip-hop, grunge, fusion, and more songs will be played.
Since Ziro Valley is located in Arunachal Pradesh of India, Which is quite famous for its Nature, Soothing Environment, and Stunning natural beauty.
Also there is no much crowd, This festival is perfect for those who hate being with a lot of people.

The festival happens every year. The expected dates of the festival is between 20-30 of the September of every year. To visit the festival you can buy a ticket from its official website.

Ziro Festival Performed by artists :

Amrit Rao, The Madrascals, Antikvariniai Kaspirovskio, Dreamhour , Chochung Dema, Jyoti Hegde , Karma , HarmoNOnium, Lucky Ali , Matajiwa (Indonesia), Lunch ,Nion , Rounak Maiti , Still Waters (Sikkim), That Boy Roby , The Root-Less, This Cord , Trance Effect , Zokova (New Delhi).

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