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World Bodypainting Festival | A Unique and Enjoyable Festival

The World Bodypainting Festival is an annual bodypainting festival held every year in Austria. The original festival was held in P Rorschach in Austria but now since 2021, it is taking place in Klagenfurt. At this festival people from all around the world are invited to join in the fun and participate in the competition. There are many different kinds of competitions, and you can take part in them whether you are a body painter amateur or professional.

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Competitions – World Bodypainting Festival

Each day there are at least three different competitions that take place. They include the following main days. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday there are three days of painting contests and bodypaint city side events to participate in. The side events are a way for participants to interact and make new friends while enjoying the festival in style. These side events take place on the same day as the competitions and are usually organized by the WSB group.

“Hamburg” cycle route – World Bodypainting Festival

One of the most popular ways of attending the World Bodypainting Festival is to go on the “Hamburg” cycle route. This route, running between Hamburg and Zauchen, takes you right through the scenic beauty of Austria. The cycle route takes you through the wonderful towns of Rathen and Gastein, as well as the famous wine regions of Burgenland and Liechtenstein. It also takes you through some of the more historically preserved sections of the country, including the towns of Salzburg and Magdeburg.

DJs – World Bodypainting Festival

The first two days of the festival offer various competitions. Two international DJs will be judged during the day. Each event has its theme, which helps to bring the whole festival together. The main days include the “Best Djs”; or the best five artists in the world who will compete for the title. Each of the main days will have a different theme. Some of the events may be combined with others so that the overall festival is designed to cover as many areas and styles of body painting as possible.

Gala Opening Ceremony

On the first day of the festival, there will be a gala opening ceremony; where local speakers will highlight the work and careers of the various local body painters. They will also talk about their passions and why they choose to paint in the city of Aachen. After this gala ceremony, the public can come along to watch as the artists paint as normal; or as part of a competition-style show. There will be some workshops during the main days as well. People can attend to these to find out about the latest trends in body paint; and learn a bit more about working with airbrushing.

World Bodypainting Festival Events

The second day of the World Bodypainting Festival includes several events and workshops. The most notable ones are the European Bodypainting Championships, which takes place in Klagenfurt and takes place throughout May. Competitors come from all over Europe and all over the world; as Bodypainting is part of the art of international contemporary movement. For those who cannot attend the championships; there is still much to see and do at the exhibition; which takes place all day in Zauchen and is organized by the Klagenfurt Art museum.


There will be several workshops at the festival as well, including lectures by local painters and tattoo artists. There will also be an array of literature on the history of the art form, and how it came to be in the first place. One of the highlights of the festival is the world championships, which take place early in the morning on the first day. A field of up to three hundred contestants, from twenty-five countries, compete for the coveted title of “best European”. Moreover, the competition is fierce, with only the best performers being allowed to participate in the prestigious festival.

The World Bodypainting Festival is held every year in April and showcases the work of over one hundred European contemporary artists. The organizers have worked hard to make the festival as diverse as possible, with Klagenfurt being the ideal place to showcase the talent that the city possesses. If you are looking for inspiration or want to see the best that Europe has to offer, make sure that you check out the World Bodypainting Festival in April, as this is an event that you are sure to not soon forget.

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