Women’s Day

Women’s Day:It is a special day that is annually on 8th March. This day is the result of the collective efforts of many international and local organizations. This world is a predominantly male dominant society.

This society had seen various tortures, in-equalities, and injustice performed on women. These were the result of the feeling that male is superior and powerful than woman.

In many countries, during ancient times woman was treated with high regards and they were worshiped in many forms of the goddess. In this list, the top countries are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Rome, Egypt, and many other countries.

Women’s Day
Women’s Day

But this situation drastically changed in medieval and later times. In India, many practices like the Sati, Jauhar, Devadasi System, Purdah System, and other ill practices were at their peak.

This resulted in the social, economic, and political backwardness in the entire society. These practices increased illiteracy, poverty, and many socio-economic effects.

How did the World fight against these ill practices:

This didn’t happen all over the night. It was the long struggle that social reformers and many women fought against the orthodox community of this society.

The top social reformers of India are Lalon, ChaitnyaMahaprabhu, B.R. Ambedkar, Rabindranath Tagore, Debendranath Tagore, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, BeniMadhab Das, VinobaBhave, Basavanna, JyotibaPhule, SavitribaiPhule, Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Paramhans, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Baba Amte, Begum Rokeya, and many more.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy raised his voice against the Sati System and Widow Re-marriage whereas this was not acceptable to many orthodox Hindus. Later Raja ram Mohan Roy was abolish by the entire society.

But he did not bow down in front of these social elements. He stood firm on his demands and philosophy. Somehow British noticed his efforts and Governor-General Lord William Bentinck abolishes Sati in the year 1829.

Lord Dalhousie prepared and passed the widow re-marriage act in the year 1856. It allowed widows to remarry as per their choice. In a few centuries conditions of women rapidly deteriorated. Since they were not to wear colorful clothes, eat normal food, lead a happy life, and to remarry. Many times they were forced to give up their lives by jumping into the fire in which her husband was burnt.

JyotiraoPhule and his wife SavitribaiPhule were anti-caste social reformer. However, they both contributed to the uplifting of women in society. They pressed on the importance of education for women.

SavitribaiPhule was a teacher. SavitribaiPhule is the first women’s teacher of India. However, she encouraged the importance of education in society. They believed that by educating a single girl they can educate the entire family and generations to come. Both JyotiraoPhule and SavitribaiPhule are an important figure in Maharashtra and as well as in India.

Present Day situation:

In the Present-day, the situation had been better. Women are taking part in every sector along with men. They are giving tough competition to men. Today women are not less than men. They are getting reservations, and many opportunities.

Differences and inequalities between men and women are decreasing slowly, there are many rules in the Indian Constitution that protects the rights of every woman of this country.

Now a day’s women can come up in society more openly and confidently, they can do the work they like. They can get education, they can work, and they can even run many offices, companies, and a lot more just like men.

Many women are encouraged to be brave, to move forward in their life, carrier, and achieve their dreams and goals from their family itself.

Celebration on Women’s Day:

There will be no public holiday on this day, but there are numerous local, national, and international organizations that conduct various events, programs to create awareness in the backward areas in the country.

On this day awareness about various rules and regulations that safeguardthe rights of women. These organization moves from one place to another and create awareness among the local peoples.

Moreover these organizations get united if the women are oppressed or their rights are being snatched by her. It also plays an important role in keeping the government aware of various issues faced by women all over the country.

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Women are not less than men. In a country where women are worshiped in various forms, there should be no place for any form of atrocities being performed on her.

However, the situation of women is getting better day by day but it should be better somehow, government should take necessary steps that will help in the uplift of women in our Indian society.

So here is the article on Women’s Day please let me know your views about it. In the comments below.

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