Why is Easter a Popular Festival?

Why is Easter a Popular Festival?

Why is Easter a Popular Festival? Easter is celebrated as the holiest day of Christians. As this was the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. In non-English speaking countries, this festival is known as Pascha Vigil which is derived from the word “Pesach”. Which is a Jewish Translation for “pass over”. Easter falls on the first Sunday of the first full moon after the spring equinox, it takes place between 22nd March and 25th April in western Christianity.

According to the New Testament, Jesus Christ was betrayed by his disciple Judas after the Last Supper. And was arrested by the temple guards in the garden of Gethsemane. And crucified by Pontius Pilate over the accusation that He claimed to be the son of God. The day He was crucified is observed by Christians as Good Friday.

Joseph of Arimathea laid the body of Jesus Christ wrapped in a tomb. However, after two days (Lent-time of fasting self-denial and repentance of sins) some female visitors discovered an empty tomb. His rising from death is celebrated as Easter and is believed as one of the cornerstones in Christianity (life after death).

On this holy day the blessing of the Pascal candle (a reminder of light over darkness) is taken, the celebration of reparation of baptism, chants of Hallelujah and Eucharist for Catholics is done. The blessed food such as lamb, eggs and ham are served.

Over thousands of years, eggs have been a mythological symbol of birth and around 13th century Christians adopted this ritual. Since the yolk represented the emerge of Jesus over the tomb and the color red on the eggs represents the blood He shed.

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Rabbits and Easter

Rabbits are also the symbol of life in the European country. Since it was taken from there as folklore to the children saying the behaved ones will get a visit from “Osterhase” and he will give colorful eggs to the children. However, in the 90th century the European chocolate company started making chocolate eggs and bunnies and was served in the basket. And the trend spread throughout the world. 

However, Easter is not just a part of festival; it is also a time when families gather together to cherish the spring after a harsh winter.


In 325 AD, a Roman Empire ruled that Easter must fall on Sunday- the day when Christ rose.

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