Wangala festival

Wangala festival is a harvest festival which is celebrated in the honour of saljong it is a son God of fertility and this festival will also include many significance on the the onset of winter and they also celebrate this wangala festival as a mark the end of a period of oil and they also believe that this festival I will bring good output of the feels this festival is also known as 100 drums festival because on this occasion there are tribal offers sacrifices to please their main dirty who is the sun God and this festival will generally celebrated for two days and sometimes it also continues for even of week

What is done during Wangala festival?

there is various someone is that being performed on this day the some money is known as regula this ceremony is performed inside the house of the chief and and the second some money is known as cut which is perform on the next day that is on the second day all the young people will sn8 all of you costume and they also where old dresses with feather headgears they also do various dance performance to the tune of music that will be played along the oval shaped g that they carry on their neck

and on this Wangala festival occasion they also relax for the days the hills and valley course with enormous and excellent beat of drums they also perform all of the famous dance on this occasion and does dance is very popular during this festival they also maintain a q of two parallel lines one line for the men and one for the women in their festive finerise

they also join the young and old people together in this festivity with equal and decision and we see the man beating the drum and the line of powers with the equal Accord and there is also an orchestra which is held during this festival and this orchestra will include men drums gong and flute

Wangala festival will be largely celebrated by all the men and women together and there is also a type of music that is the tradition to perform during this festival that flute is made up of buffalo horn

there are a large number of performances which takes place during Wangala festival all the people who are young and old together they perform the dance with great energy and enthusiasm and this will be e a lasting impression upon the beholder and this festival will also preserve and promote the culture and identity of this Meghalaya people during this festival they also exhibit the culture and tradition of this region

hence Wangala festival is widely celebrated by the people of Meghalaya to exhibit the tradition and awesome this festival is mainly performed to honor the Sun god and also perform various cultural events during this festival there are lots of people who want to attend this festival and their tourist to go and attend this festival and watch the beauty of this Meghalaya people art which is one of the great events that takes place during the festival time

there are hundreds of people included during this festival there are at least hundreds of drums they include all the girls in the village will perform different kinds of dances they also take drums and bamboo flutes and they played the tunes of the flock songs of that particular region and the dama Dakota is one of the traditional dance that will be performed on the sound of various lok songs of that particular region and they also do many sacrifices to offer to please the God sun usually

they do dances as a ritual in this festival and they also do like agricultural fishing and stories of the day on this day they also show their talent and dance from where the knowledge transfer from one generation to another generation sometimes this festival will be largely celebrated for weeks and sometimes it is just for today’s festival they where all of you costumes with feather and headgears and dance according to their flock music

people choose this day as a festival so that they can relax and enjoy the festive mood In the hills and valley eco when the drum beats sound crosses across the forest this is one of the greatest cultural events or festivals that will be celebrated by Meghalaya people

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