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5 Best Festivals in Vietnam

Founded in Vietnam Festivals offer people the very best chance of getting up close; and personal with all the myths, customs and fun-loving soul of the proud nation. Despite getting contemporary developments, Vietnam remains a mostly traditional state; with tens of thousands of pagodas and shrines devoted to Buddha in addition to many deities and iconic characters.

There are also lots of cultural events which are only celebrated during particular times of the year (or years); which means you will never understand when one decides to pop up throughout your journeys. We have compiled a listing of the greatest festivals in Vietnam, and while they are celebrated just about any place in the nation; we have included some ideas about the top places so you can fully experience these one-of-a-kind events throughout your vacation.

Tet Nguyen Dan (Lunar New Year)January/February

What is really great about it?

Lunar New Year, locally called Tet, is the largest festival of the year with the entire country downing resources for household get-togethers. Principally a spiritual celebration, do not expect too much of a wild celebration; but it is still a fun time to see Vietnam and you will surely find sailors lighting fireworks; seeing temples with their own families; along with the intriguing sight of several flower stalls setup as providing flowers is habitual during Tet.

Where is the Ideal Place to celebrate?

Tet is famous during Vietnam, but it is ideal to maintain the bigger towns; as smaller cities truly do shut down, which makes it hard to locate food and transportation. Hanoi is the ideal spot to delight in this festivity. Quan Su Pagoda or Ngoc Son Temple is where you can observe sailors light incenses; and praying for their ancestors at the morning whilst Hanoi Opera House frequently populate vibrant celebrations and fireworks displays.

Hue FestivalApril/May/June each 2 decades – Vietnam Festivals

What is really great about it? – Vietnam Festivals

Hue Festival is a biannual party that happens at UNESCO-listed Hue City; where you are able to enjoy a range of cultural events, games, and performances held within a week. Launched in 2000, the festival has been held to maintain traditional customs which were practised throughout the Nguyen Dynasty. If you are seeing Hue in April, May or June, anticipate particular showcases like the Hue Poetry Festival, Dialogue of Drums and Percussions, and Ao Dai Fashion Shows, athletic activities such as kite flying, boat racing, along with individual boxing, in addition to road performances, movie screenings and art displays.

Where is the Ideal Place to celebrate?

Hue Festival just celebrated in Hue City, That Is the funding of Thua Thien Hue province in Central Vietnam. Read More…

Perfume FestivalMid-February/March – Vietnam Festivals

What is really great about it? -Vietnam Festivals

Perfume Festival brings throngs of neighborhood pilgrims from all around Vietnam into Hanoi’s legendary Perfume Pagoda; in which they to pray for a prosperous year and pay their respects to Buddha. The pilgrimage begins with a dragon dance at Den Trinh Pagoda about the 15th day of the 1st Luna; where pilgrims (as well as travellers) traveling by boat across the Yen River into the bottom of Huong Mountain, passing by coral reefs and rice areas. The journey proceeds on foot by climbing countless rock measures towards Huong Tich Cave, offering a vibrant display of food supplies, figurines of deities, lit incenses, and praying locals.

Where is the Ideal Place to celebrate?

Perfume Festival occurs in the Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi, by the 15th day of the 1st lunar month.

Mid-Autumn FestivalMid-September – Vietnam Festivals

What is really great about it?

Mid-Autumn Festival, held on the 14th and 15th day of the lunar month, includes a vast assortment of tasks such as kids carrying paper lanterns, lion dances, and food stalls selling mooncakes, sticky rice, fruits, and assorted sweets. Also called the harvest festival, most families set up an altar at that nighttime of their Mid-Autumn Festival, where they exhibit offerings in honor of the complete moon.

Where is the Ideal Place to celebrate?

Mid-Autumn Festival is best appreciated in Hoi An, where you are going to get to see lots of street performances, lantern processions and arts exhibits during UNESCO-listed Ancient Town. Kids also get to take part in essays, drawing and colouring competitions throughout Mid-Autumn Festival, while people may enjoy breathtaking sights of vibrant paper lanterns lining the Thu Bon Riverside and Japanese Covered Bridge.

Hung King Temple FestivalEarly April

What is really great about it?

Hung King Temple Festival is held in commemoration of all Kinh Duong Vuong, that became Vietnam’s first king at 2879BC. While the most important worship event occurs in the Hung Temple, which will be perched beneath Nghia Linh Mountain at Phu Tho Province, 100 lanterns are introduced to the skies on the eve of this festival. The morning after, a flower service is held in Den Thuong (Upper Temple), in which the Hung Kings utilized to worship deities throughout their reign. Last, a massive procession begins at the foot of this mountain, comprising pilgrims, xoan classical melody performances, and also ca tru classical operas in several temples on the road towards the primary Hung Temple.

Where is the Ideal Place to celebrate?

Hung King Temple Festival is famous in the Hung Temple on Nghia Linh Mountain at Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province.


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