Vasant Panchami- Festival of Seasion

Vasant Panchami- Festival of Seasion: is an Indian festival that is celebrated annually in the many Indian States. The celebration of Vasant Panchami will be on Tuesday, 16 February, in 2021.

Vasant Panchami- Festival of Seasion
Vasant Panchami- Festival of Seasion

It is also popular as Basant Panchami in the state of Punjab. The people from various religions follow Hinduism, Sikhism, and the Jain religion. Vasant Panchami is also a festival in Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Java, and Bali regions of Indonesia.

In modern times when the freedom struggle of India was at its peak celebrations of festivals. However, it led the path for many public gatherings that led to the planning. And execution of the plans that were beneficial in the freedom struggle.

Festival is an important source of enjoyment that makes it an integral part of human life. Festivals mark the beginning of new chapters in the life of human beings.

Festivals play an important role in bringing people close to each other. Somehow festivals are enjoyable by everyone irrespective of their age, caste, religion, color, region, and many other aspects.

In this present world, our work-life brings a lot of pressure, workload, depression, and others, whereas festivals bring newness in the life of every human being. It encourages people to lead a self-sustained life.

Celebrations of Vasant Panchami in other religions:

Once Pakistan was a part of India. Somehow even after the partition, Pakistan had managed to preserve some of its old festivals. The celebration of VasantPanchami goes back to very old times. In the beginning, it was just kite flying, but with time it had developed into a highly competitive game.

Many local teams take part in it. Teams move from one place to another to win the competition.

However, in the Sikh religion, Basant is the beginning of spring. Since Vasant Panchami is as a spring festival in the entire Sikh religion. In the history of the Sikh Empire, we find that King Ranjit Singh (founder of the Sikh Empire), encouraged the celebration of the festival. In common places like the Gurudwaras, and donated 2000 rupees to distribute the food on this auspicious day.

It is said that many Muslim personalities were influenced and impressed by this festival. They adopted the celebration of this festival in their life’s, they used to wear yellow clothes. This represents the fields of oil seeds of the farmers in the Punjab region.

Celebrations of Vasant Panchami:

Vasant Panchami marks the beginning of the spring season. The Spring season is also the King of all seasons.

The celebration of Vasant Panchami depends and varies according to the region is based on its popularity. However, during the celebration of the Vasant Panchami festival goddess, Saraswati is worshiped.

Since Goddess Saraswati is a Hindu deity, she is the goddess of knowledge, language, music, and all art form. On this day people perform various puja’s, and Yagnas.

It is also popular in many educational institutes. As it will help in the betterment of the performance of every student.

On this day many families sit with their younger children. And make them write letters, and names on a plate of grains as per the rituals.

The celebrations of Saraswati puja are encouraged by many state governments including Gujarat Government. Many Hindu people welcomed this step of the government, whereas many non-Hindu people opposed this. As it is not a part of their culture, and tradition, and cannot be taught in the educational institutes.

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VasantPanchami is a special festival. It can be celebrated in many ways depending upon the culture and traditions followed by the people. It is so much beautiful that it was accepted and practiced by many non-Hindu people irrespective of their religion.

Vasant Panchami is the main festival of many farmers of the Punjab region as it marks the begging of the spring season and represents the Mustard fields. It is felt that the celebration of Vasant Panchami as a festival is some kind of boon to mankind.

VasantPanchami brings newness to the life of human beings. It makes the man able to fight back all his odds and lead a proper life.


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