Top Festivals of the United Kingdom:

United Kingdom consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. United Kingdom is a well-developed country in European Continent. It is popular for its standard of living and per capita index. Here we talk about Top fesTivals of UniTed Kingdom.

fesTivals of UniTed Kingdom
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United Kingdom has surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, English Channel, and Celtic Sea. It has the 12th largest coastline in the world.

Many European countries don’t have sealed border between each other. In UK most of the population follows Christianity Religion, and maximum percentage of white people. United Kingdom has unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy.

Their capitals are London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, and Belfast as it is a group of countries.

United Kingdom is a large and vibrant country which has their own culture, traditions, independent governments with varying power along with different rules and regulations.

Britain played a major role in exploring sea routes to various countries and establishing colonial rule. Britain also played an important role in slave trade.

World War 1 is also popular as the War to end all Wars. In this war Allied forces won. British Empire and United Kingdom both were part of this war, both fought from the side of Allied Forces and won the war.

And it is also part of World War 2, from Allies forces and won the war.

Moreover, thousands of soldiers from the colonized countries also fought on behalf of Ruling Country.

Certainly, United Kingdom is a large part of European Continents and it has preserved its culture, tradition, liberties, and its Festivals.

So let us know about top festivals celebrated in United Kingdom.

Top festivals celebrated in United Kingdom include:

Diwali, Hogmanay, Burns Night, Jorvik Viking Festival, Obby Oss, Hay Festival, Robin Hood Festival, Notting Hill Carnival, Edinburgh People’s Festival, RHS Harvest Festival, Guy Fawkes Day, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Sidmouth Folk Festival, also Boomtown, Glastonbury Festival and many more.

Undoubtedly, festival is an amazing event where a person of specific community, religion, or region celebrates together. Festivals are the symbol of joy and prosperity in life. Moreover, children love’s festivals as they get a day off from their schools and their daily routine. Major Festivals may be different in various parts of the country. Ways of celebrating a festival can differ. Also, festivals have by different names too depending upon the region.

Festivals are the important days in which people love to spend their time with their friends, and family. Every festival brings joy, happiness, positivity in life of human beings. Each and every festival gives message to us. They give us the message of victory of good over evil, victory of devotion, faith, honesty, sacrifice and many more.

So let us know about top festivals celebrated in United Kingdom:

1. Burns Night:

This festival takes place in Scotland every year in the month of January. United Kingdom is the birth place of many great poets like William Shakespear, also Robert Burns and others. This festival has celebrated to remember the Great Poet Robert Burns. This festival includes traditional Scottish Food, Drinks and others. The Burns Night Festival was first celebrated in1801 and it is continuing till today to remember the contributions of Robert in the field of arts and literature.

2. Diwali:

It takes place in Leicester every year in the month of October. Certainly, it is one of the most grand and popular festival celebrated in United Kingdom. During this festival it includes amazing and gorgeous firecrackers, fireworks and also street decorated with lights.

People celebrate it by having various delicacies, Music, dance, and colourful crackers.

Undoubtedly, it is the largest Hindu festival which takes place in such a large scale outside of India and other Asian countries.

3. Jorvik Viking Festival:

It happens in York, England every year in the month of February. It is a three day long festival. This festival is celebrated to remark the Viking culture and its heritage. This festival is one of the much famed festivals in entire European continent.

During this festival local people rejoice the arrival and conquest of England by Viking army. In this festival you can witness and enjoy the combat performances, feasts, and guided walk to competitions and many more.

4. Robin Hood Festival:

It is an amazing festival celebrated in United Kingdom. This is a week- long festival which is celebrated in UK. This festival has events for

people of every age group. Irrespective of your age you can enjoy this amazing festival.

You can joy this festival with music, dance, food, horse riding, archery, magic show and many more activities.

5. Notting Hill Carnival:

It is an amazing long annual music feast. It is celebrated in London. This festival shares a very long history since it was celebrated. This festival is being celebrated since 1966.

This amazing festival is celebrated on 25th and 26th August every year.

In this festival you can enjoy by witnessing live music concerts, live performances, with various costume clad Caribbean dancers, calypso, and zouk music.

In this festival you can also enjoy various delicacies of Caribbean street food.

Due to Global Pandemic this year every music festival, camping festival and other public gathering had suffered and remain cancelled till the situation becomes normal.

People misses these festivals and all of us want to enjoy these festivals once again.

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