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Top Festivals in the USA

The United State of America is as commonly popular as the USA. It is a vast country located in North America. It consists of 50 states and it is one of the largest democracies in the world. Unlike India, the USA has led by its president who is elected every 4 years. Here we talk about Top Festivals in the USA.

Currently, the USA is the Super Power, it has challenged by China. The USA has strong military ties and pacts with many European countries and East Asian countries.

It is one of major defense exporter to India which is the largest democracy in the world. Recently India and USA had signed all 4 basic defense treaties which will ease path of India to buy more advanced defense equipment from USA.

In 1945 the USA dropped 2 atomic bombs named Fat Man and Little Boy on Japan during WW2. It had dragged into the war as the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.


USA and USSR had locked their horn in a form of Cold War and USA emerged as victorious whereas USSR split into many countries. The most important country emerged and continues USSR legacy is Russia.

USA had formed NATO with European Countries. In which there is a provision that says if any country attacks even 1 NATO country that means it has attacked all NATO countries and all NATO Countries will attack that attacking country along with USA.

Due to this arrangement even any strongest country of this world will think thousands of times.

Even today no one can question supremacy of USA as it is the Super Power. Recently Joe Biden won presidential elections against Donald Trump. Trump gave a tough fight Biden.

We all know that America is famous for its defense equipment, nightlife, its per capita income, and many more but only few us might know that USA is also famous for its vibrant and magnificent festivals.

So let us know some of the important festivals celebrated in America:

These USA festivals include Kutztown Folk Festival, New Orleans Mardi Festival, Jazz and Heritage Festival, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Burning Man Festival, Aloha Festival, Groundhog Day, Lollapalooza, Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Boston Sea Food Festival, Electric Zoo Festival, South By South West, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Afropunk Fest Brooklyn and many more.

1. Kutztown Folk FestivalUSA festivals

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It is one of the most important festival in America, it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. This festival had originated in 1950’s, and it has been celebrating for more than 60 year’s. It is one of the most important folk festivals in USA. During this festival many of the native people celebrate by wearing traditional costumes, by performing traditional Dance forms.Celebration takes place in rich state of Pennsylvania during the month of June and July.

2. Aloha Festival – USA festivals

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This festival is a symbol of Hawaiian culture. This well-known festival attracts all types of tourists from all over the world. You can go solo, with friends, or family too. This festival includes dance, music, food tasting, and workshops for you to learn and become familiar with Hawaiian culture. This festival takes place in the month of March.

3. Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta:

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`This is an amazing festival in America with high level of energy and excitement. As the name suggest one might easily understand that in this festival balloons. Just imagine the clear sky filled with numerous attractive, thousands of balloons flying in the sky. I know it is really an eye catching moment; it can fill your heart with joy and pleasant feeling. This festival is happens every year in Ne Mexico with 500 balloons flying in the sky.

Read more about Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

4 Burning Man Festival

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When I first heard name of this festival I thought that it may be somewhat similar to Dussera that is celebrated with great joy in India. As Dussera too include burning a statue of a demon king named Ravana who is said to be lived in city named Lanka, currently recognized as Sri Lanka. But it is different, it is considered as a hippie festival. If you want to enjoy and experience the true essence of the festival, love, special bond between the people in a community you should experience this festival. It includes crazy art installations, beautiful musical performances, and many more. If you want to experience another level of energy, you should witness this Festival.

It takes place in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, during the month of August.

5. Fantasy Fest:

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In human life everyone have their own fantasies and all want to fulfill them. It is a festival celebrated in America which attracts lakhs of tourists from all over the world. In this festival people both tourists and locals both dress up in various costumes of various characters inspired from various movies, comics and others, or cover themselves in body paint, which is a famous activity here, and walk around the streets of the city, making regular pit stops at many bars and clubs of the city. Various people come together who have common interest

and have some fun. This festival is celebrated in the month of October. It is celebrated in Key West, Florida.


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