TOP FESTIVALS IN SWITZERLAND: Switzerland is one of the top countries in this world. It is located in European Continent. Its largest city is Zurich. In Switzerland quality of life, living standard index, per capita income, global happiness index and many more are very high.

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Switzerland is officially popular as Swiss Confederation. It is a land-locked country. It shares its boundaries with Italy, France, Germany, Austria, and Liechenstein.

At present Switzerland have Federal Semi – Direct Democracy. If we say that Switzerland is a peace loving country that would not be wrong. Since many decades it had not fought war with other country.

It is the birthplace of Red Cross which is famous for its humanitarian work all around the world. This great organization is the second largest organization which takes part it Humanitarian works and promotes world peace.

Many European countries do not have any cemented boundaries this help in easy moving of people and goods from one place to another, this brings prosperity in the country.

Switzerland is a vibrant country so let us know about the festivals celebrated here:

Some of the major festivals celebrated in Switzerland include: Christmas, International Balloon Festival, Geneva Motor Show, Paleo Festival de Nyon, Basler Fasnacht, Montreux Jazz Festival, Fete de L’Escalade, Festichoc, Fete nationale Suisse, Grindelwald Snow Festival and many more.

1. International Balloon Festival:

This is an important festival in Switzerland. Switzerland is popular for its nature and just think what would it be like to see hundreds of colorful and amazing balloons flying in the sky of Switzerland.

This is a 9 day long festival which is in the month of January every year. This would be amazing experience which you will not forget I your life time.

2. Grindelwald Snow Festival:

If you like winter season and enjoy snowfall in this season then you should visit Switzerland and take part in this festival.

In this festival you will be able to see giant snow sculptures, mythical creatures, animals, people, abstracts and many more. All these have maintained for 6 long days. All these have created by snow.

3. Interlaken Classic Music Festival:

This is a musical festival. It had first started in late 90s and it is still conducted every year. If you are visiting Switzerland and want to know its local form of music, dance, culture, tradition, and you like to listen classical music of it then this is the perfect and right place for you.

4. Lent and Ash Wednesday:

This festival is consistently developing and if you love to hear classical music then you should visit during this festival.

This is a 40 day long festival before Easter. During this time people prepare for Easter and focuses on holy and spiritual things. Many people under go fasting without food during these days.

On this day Christians have invited to mark with a cross of ash it has done to show their desire to lead a better life.

5. Zurich Festival:

Zurich is the largest city of Switzerland. This festival is in Zurich in every three years. This is a 3 day long festival. This attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. In this festival you will be able to see parades, street food, various performances and many more.

6. Christmas:

It is the most important festival in many European countries. Celebrating the most important festival in the winter season is on some another level.

This festival takes place every year on 25th December. This festival is to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. He is an important personality in both Islam and Christianity.

He has considered as a prophet and messiah in Islam and son of god in Christianity.

7. Whit Sunday:

This is also an important festival after Eater. This festival takes place mostly in the month of May. Whit Sunday festival is the 7th Sunday after Easter. This festival had originated from Pagan.

8. Geneva Motor Show:

This is one of the best motor show in conducted in Switzerland. This is held in every year in the mid of the march. Many well-known car manufacturing companies take part in this show. This is conducted in Geneva, Switzerland. If you love cars and want to enjoy the presence of different cars in the same place then you should attained this festival.

9. Basler Fasnacht:

This festival is celebrated in the first week of March. This is a 4 day long festival celebrated in Basel. It shows the local culture, tradition, and heritage of Switzerland. During this festival whole city and streets are filled and covered by confetti. People wear masks of different forms, and wear various costumes.

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