FESTIVALS IN KERALA: India is a vast country which is in to many provinces, states, regions and many more. Each and every part, region of the country is different from other in many factors. These factors include culture, tradition, heritage, and way of living, literacy rate, development, prominent festivals and many more.


Festivals in India bring you closer to understand the rich culture that we share for generations. It will be not wrong if I say that India is the only country in this whole world to have such numerous numbers of festivals.

All these festivals have celebrated by different people of various communities, religions, with high level of energy and excitement. Whether you are from India or not you must experience these glorious and magnificent festivals.

Festivals are integral part of human’s life which have the ability to integrate different society, religions, cultures, and people with different perspectives in life.

Festivals in India bring you closer to understand the rich culture that we share for generations. It will be not wrong if I say that India is the only country in this whole world to have such numerous numbers of festivals.

Kerala is a vast South Indian State. It shares its boundaries with Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Malayalam Language – people of Kerala. It has a long and beautiful coastline.

Kerala is a true example of democracy, its literary rate is high, its sex ratio is high, it is the only state in India where there are more number of women per 1000 men.

Kerala is an important example of matriarchal society. Its capital city is Thiruvananthapuram. Kerala is a diverse and vibrant state it is popular for its development, culture, tradition, and customs.

So let us know about some of the important festivals celebrated in Kerala.

Top festivals of Kerala are: Onam, Thrissur Pooram, Kerala boating festival, Theyyam Festival, Christmas, Ramadan, Bakrid, Ambalapuzha Festival, Makaravilakku Fetival, Diwali, and many more.


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It is the most popular festival all across the country. It usually happens in the month of November. This festival gives the message of victory of good over evil. It represents the victory of lord Ram on the Demon king Ravana. And lord Ram returns to his birth place Ayodhya after an exile of 14 years. This festival is also celebrated by worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of richness. This is a 4 day long festival. It has said that the night of Diwali appear so much bright that it can compared to a day in night time.

2. Ramadan (Eid-Ul-Fitr) – FESTIVALS IN KERALA

Ramadan (Eid-Ul-Fitr) - FESTIVALS IN KERALA
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It is one of the most important festivals for people who have faith in Islam. During the month Ramadan people undergo fast from sunrise to sunset without even drinking a drop of water. During this month Imam (religious preacher) recites complete Quaran.

After the last day of fasting they celebrate eid-ul-fitr. On this special and auspicious occasion they dress up in Islamic outfit and pray to almighty Allah in an open field after that they have various delicacies including.

3. Christmas:

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It is an important festival in Kerala and people who follow Christianity religion. It is one of the most auspicious day in Christianity.

This festival is to mark the day of birth of their Messiah Jesus. This festival happens every year on 25th December.

You can enjoy various delicacies, music, dance, lightings in this festival. Jesus has high respect and devotion in hearts of people in Christianity.

4. Bakrid ( Eid-Ul-Azha) – FESTIVALS IN KERALA

Bakrid ( Eid-Ul-Azha) - FESTIVALS IN KERALA
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It is an important festival of people who follow Islam Religion. On this auspicious day people start their chores early in the morning and most of them wear Islamic outfit. Then they pray to almighty Allah in an open field or area then they carry on with their animal sacrifices. The most important delicacy in this festival is Haleem and keema. There is a story or incident which is prevalent in Islamic world and also among people who follow Islam Religion. It honours the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismael as an act of obedience to god’s command. On this day animal sacrifices includes sacrifices of goat, camel, cow, also buffalo sheep.

This festival is also popular as Festival of Sacrifice, Sacrifice feast.

5. Onam:

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Onam is yet another festival of India, which is celebrated in southern peninsula widely. It is one of the most important ffestival celebrated in Kerala. This is a long festival celebrated in every corner of the state. In this festival people go for elaborate meal. Onam includes various events such as snake boat race, clap dance, kathakali dance, and pulikal procession where artists dress up like tigers and huntersand perform their respective forms, are held. It consists of pure veg meal. Important thing to note during this festival is that meal will be served in banana leaves,The delicacies involved during onam are Saambar, Rasam, Papadum, Butter milk, Desert, Payasam, kootan and many more.


pc- Hindu Mythology

It is yet another important festival of southern peninsula. Moreover, this is a four day long festival and it is one of the most famous festivals.

The main delicacies during this festival are Rice, Jaggery, Dal, Dry fruits, sugar, milk all are cooked in a new clay pot out in the open.

And allowed to boil for number of hours. And it is then offered to Sun God and then by each family member. During Pongal people start of their chores, activities early in the morning, wear traditional attires, draw Rangoli (kollam), have bonfire, dancing, and also cattle racing.

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