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Jamaica is an island country; situated in the Caribbean Sea. It is the Third- Largest Island of the Greater Antilles and the Caribbean. Its Motto is “Out of Many, One People”. The capital and largest city are Kingston. Its national language is Jamaican Patois. Here you will see some of the TOP FESTIVALS IN JAMAICA.

Top Festivals in Jamaica
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The country has governed through unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. Its parliament consists of two houses: upper house is Senate and lower house called House of Representatives.

There are many things that connect Jamaicans and Indians but one thing common is that people of both countries has colonized by United Kingdom. Jamaica got its Independence on 6August1962.

During the period of colonization whether under Spain or the United Kingdom slavery was prevalent in Jamaica. Under Spain rule, Slavery had forced on native Jamaican people. Jamaica had discovered by a Spanish Navigator named Christopher Columbus in 1494.

Moreover, under the British rule Jamaica became the largest exporter of Sugar. The British fully emancipated all slaves in 1838, and many freedmen chose to have subsistence farm rather to work in plantations of others.

Jamaica is also popular for its vibrant culture, festivals, community, rainforests, beautiful beaches, coral reefs, mountains and many more. Certainly, many international tourists enjoy Jamaican festivals along with the local natives. Thus they enjoy friendship, comradery, and festival atmosphere.

So let us know about these amazing, vibrant festivals of Jamaica which attracts millions of International tourists:

1. Bob Marley Week:

Bob Marley Week begins with the celebration of Jamaica’s famous son’s birthday at Bob Marley Museum, with a free concert. So who is this Bob Marley for who complete week has dedicated to? Bob Marley was born in February 1945. He was a Jamaican singer, song writer, and musician. His musical career had marked by fusing elements of reggae, ska, and rocksteady. Moreover, he has considered as the Global figure of Jamaican music and culture. He died on 11 May 1981, at the age of 36 and had gained popularity among the people world-wide.

During this festival week reggae fans can take in symposiums, exhibitions, fashion shows, and many other events which are related to Bob Marley and remind of his contributions to Jamaican music and culture.

2. Port Royal Seafood Festival:

This amazing festival celebrated in Jamaica include various dishes prepared using various seafood sources. It has celebrated in Kingston, Jamaica; it has conducted mostly on 3rd Monday of October every year. You can enjoy watching celebrity chefs as they compete to create the tasty seafood dishes including conch fritters, jerk shrimp skewers, steamed fish, rice and also veggies and many more. Undoubtedly, it is a significant festivals of Jamaica.

3. Ocho Rios Jazz Festival:

As the name says it is a Jazz Festival, if you like to hear music especially Jazz form you should surely visit Ocho Rio Jazz Festival. It will be once in life time experience for you. This amazing music festival has celebrated on Father’s Day in June every year.

In this music festival you can witness many international musicians along with many musicians visiting from neighboring Caribbean

Countries. If you want to witness many music stars under one roof then you should visit Jamaica to witness this music festival.

4. Trelawny Yam Festival:

It has celebrated in Albert Town, Jamaica in the month of April every year. It ihas celebrated on Easter Monday to participate in a festive day celebrating the Yam. In this festival you can witness crowning of Yam king and Queen. By Participating in this you can learn about the history of Yam, its role and importance during the plantation era and the importance of this root vegetable on Jamaican Economy. You can enjoy various dishes prepared by Yam.

5. Accompong Maroon Festival:

It is a very important day in the life of every Jamaican individual. It is an Independence Day celebration that symbolizes the victory of Maroons over the British. This festival celebrated on the day of January 6th, in Accompong. If you ever visited this festival you will learn about the history, culture of Jamaica by their traditional dance, singing, musical performances, story- telling and many more. You can also witness the traditional march to Kindah Tree where unsalted pork dish with yams has devoured by the participants. Where ever colonization was there those countries has witnessed an era of cruelty, mercilessness, plunder of wealth, slavery, degradation in standard of living and many more bad effects.

And the day which symbolizes the independence of native people from the foreign rule is of course is full of great joy.

6. Calabash International Literary Festival:

By seeing the name many of you have started to guess that for what this festival is celebrated or what it symbolizes. So let me tell you that this is a world renowned festival celebrated every year. It is a 3 day long festival. In this festival you can enjoy writings of various

international authors. It is celebrated in Treasure Beach, Jamaica so you can also enjoy the beach environment and have Beach side view along with reading and enjoying various Jamaican delicacies.

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