TOP FESTIVALS IN GUJARAT INDIA: Gujarat is an amazing Indian State. It shares boundaries with Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Sindh province of Pakistan. Gandhinagar is the capital city of Gujarat.

It has a large and beautiful coastline. Gujarati is widely spoken in the State; it is also the official language of Gujarat. Gujarat had ruled by many dynasties including Maurya, Gupta, Rashtrakuta, Chalukya, Vaghela, Saka, Satavahana, Western Satraps Delhi Sultanate, Maitraka, Gurjara-Pratiharas, also Mughal, and many more.

Today Gujarat is popular for its development, literacy rate, sex ratio, ports, sea trade, its traditional and cultural weaving of hand – made clothes, and many more.

Gujarat’s position in India

It is the 21st in Indian states in human development index and in 11th place in GSDP per capita income. Its Rann of kutch is popular too. Gujarat also has some of the most important and rare ancient lines such as Lothal, Dholavira and Gola Dhoro.

Festivals are an integral part of human life. Festivals bring newness in life of human being. It spread message of positivity, victory of good, faith, truth, and also devotion over the evil.

Festivals are the events which have celebrated and enjoyed by all the people irrespective of their age, religion, race and many more.

Moreover, Gujarat is a valiant culturally rich and diversified state. Many people from various religions live with peace and harmony.


Some of the TOP FESTIVALS IN GUJARAT INDIA include Navaratri, Krishna Janmashtami, Diwali, Rann Utsaav, Uttarayan(International Kite Festival), Bhavanath Mahadev Mela, Shamlaji Fair, also Ramadan. Modhera Dance Festival, Bhadrapad Fair, Paragliding Festival, Vautha Fair, Christmas, also Good Friday and many more.

1. Krishna Janmashtami:

It is certainly an important festival celebrated in Gujarat by the people who follow Hinduism. This festival has celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. He is the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This festival has celebrated very year in the month of August.

Lord Krishna is famous for his mischievous nature. He is famous since killing the Demon King Kansa. Lord Krishna played a major role in the Mahabharata War. He ensured the victory of Pandav over Kaurav.

On this day people offer prayers, bhajans, devotional songs, sweets and many things to the lord. It has believed that lord will definitely fulfills the righteous wishes and prayers.

2. Christmas:

This is certainly the most important festival by the people who follow Christianity; this festival has celebrated every year on 25th December. It has celebrated to mark the birthday of Jesus Christ. He is the messiah and Prophet in Christianity and Islam respectively.

On this day people wear traditional attire, go to churches, offer prayers to Jesus Christ, hear reciting of holy book The Bible and have various delicacies prepared for this day, they also exchange gifts and many more.


It is certainly the most important festival celebrated by the people who follow Islam religion. This has considered as the holiest month in Islam. During this people perform fasting from sun rise to sun set.

On the day of festival day pray to Al-mighty Allah under sun and then they spend their time with their family, and enjoy mouth – watering dishes.


This is certainly the major festival celebrated in Gujarat. It has celebrated every year in the month of October. This is a festival celebrated for 9 long days. Moreover, in this festival, people worship and offer prayers to 9 different forms of a strong Hindu Deity named Goddess Durga.

In this festival most famous and traditional dance form of Gujarat famous as Garba and Dandiya has performed. Various competitions takes place during this festival.


This festival has celebrated in many parts of the country and has different names. It has celebrated as Makar Sankranti in Karnataka. This festival has referred as the day of new good healthy and wealthy beginning.

On this day people fly kites, sky will be filled with numerous kites of different colors, size, patterns, and many more. People also lighten up Latterns.

This festival is also popular as the International Kite Festival. On this day numerous kite flying competitions too take place. If you know how to fly kites and are crazy about kites then you should celebrate Uttarayan in Gujarat state.

6. Paragliding Festival:

I would like to call it as an adventurous event as it consists of Paragliding. This adventurous festival attracts many tourists from all over the country. It has conducted every year in the month between August and January.

It has conducted in Saputara. This festival lasts for 26 days. Do not worry even if don’t know anything about paragliding, raining sessions have conducted for every one especially for the beginners.

If you love adventurous activities and like to do paragliding and have atmosphere and joy of a festival then you should not miss out this amazing extra ordinary festival.

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