Top FesTivals celebraTed in piTTsburgh:

Top FesTivals celebraTed in piTTsburgh: Pittsburgh is an important city in state Of Pennsylvania in USA. It is 66th largest city of USA. But it is second most populated city in the state of Pennsylvania.

Top FesTivals celebraTed in piTTsburgh
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Pittsburgh is also known as “Steel City” and also known as “City of Bridges”. Standard of living is very high in the state of Pennsylvania. It leads in the field of Energy extraction, Energy and Environmental Design.

This amazing city had been center of many historical events and played a major role in these events. Today people of various ethnicities live with harmony.

Undoubtedly, Christianity is followed by majority of the people of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh is a colorful and vibrant city; you can enjoy the amazing night life of this valiant city. There are many festivals which are celebrated in Pittsburgh. So let us know about these festivals:

Major festivals celebrated in Pittsburgh include: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Kennywood Holiday Lights, Halloween, Triple B Farm Fall Fun, Pumpkin Festival and Fright Night at Cheeseman Farm, Zombies of the Corn, Lent, also Ascension Day and many more.

1. Christmas:

It is the most important festival celebrated all over the world by the people who follow Christianity. It is the day celebrated to mark and signify the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

He was born to Mother Mary and Father Joseph. Jesus Christ holds high position and respect in both Christianity and Islam Religions. In Christianity he is son of god and incarnation of god, but Islam rejects this believes and accepts him as the prophet of god, messenger of god, and as messiah.

Also, in Christian doctrine there is a belief that Jesus was conceived by the holy- spirit, was born of a virgin named Mary. Whereas, in Islam he is known as Isa ibn Maryam. He is also mentioned in Quaran.

On the day of Christmas people wear new clothes, pray in church, and prepare various delicacies.

2. Halloween:

It is a popular festival celebrated in the city. It is celebrated every year. This is the day marked to remember the dead people including saints, martyrs and all those who had faithful departed.

During this festival people wear various types of costumes which may be traditional or some weird and amazing costumes. People distribute sweets, candies and many other delicacies.

3. Lent and Ash Wednesday:

In Christianity, there are two popular churches; Western Church as well as Eastern Church. Many people who follow Christianity follow either of these Churches. On this day Christians are invited to be marked with a cross of ash it is done to show their desire to lead a better life.

You might think why I am talking about these churches under this festival;

To understand and know about this festival you must know about these two different churches.

This is a 40 day long festival before Easter. During this time people prepare for Easter and focuses on holy and spiritual things. Many people under go fasting without food during these days.

In western churches this starts on the 7th Wednesday before Easter Day, and called as Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter does not include Sundays.

But in eastern church they includes Sundays an start this festival on Monday of 7th week before Easter and it ends on Friday just 9 days before Easter.

4. Kennywood Holiday Lights:

It is the best place to visit in holidays in Pittsburgh. It attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. This entire place has millions of lights and tallest Christmas tree.

In this festival you can many different rides and see various performances. Due to global pandemic it has stopped operating but it will soon be back as soon as the situation gets normal.

You can book the tickets through online mode and you can make sure that you don’t miss out this amazing event.

5. Ascension Day:

It is a day on which it is believed that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. This is celebrated after 40 days of Easter.

6. Easter Day:

This is an important day celebrated in the whole Christian world. This day is celebrated after Good Friday. Christians believe that after the crucification of Jesus Christ his followers and his disciples started to feel his presence around them in new form.

On this day certainly Easter Eggs are given which signifies the new life which they experience.

7. Good Friday:

It is an important festival in Christianity. Also, it is the day which signifies the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified by the emperor of Rome. It marks the day on which Jesus died. In Christianity, both days on which Jesus was born as well as died have great significance throughout the world.

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