Top Festivals Celebrated In Myanmar

Top Festivals Celebrated In Myanmar
Top Festivals Celebrated In Myanmar

Buddhist celebrations fall throughout the entire year in Festivals in myanmar and for the most part match with the full moon. There are likewise numerous celebrations that are explicit to specific towns or sanctuaries. The best wellspring of precise data concerning these celebrations is the Myanmar Embassy.

Sanctuary fairs or pagoda celebrations, enduring a week or more, are what might be compared to western fun fairs, with performers, entertainers, puppeteers, artists, telepaths, healers and patent medication purveyors moving starting with one reasonable then onto the next bringing fervor, shading and a much-acquired break to the existences of neighborhood individuals.

Soul celebrations, known as Nat Pwes, while having just an unsaid association with Buddhism, have equivalent importance and offer an inclination to harmonize with the full moon. Significant celebrations fall during March,Buddhist Lent (July-September) and December.

The few Festivals in myanmar are implied as characteristic of culture and some as the dwelling place of following old legends and are only for amusement. While a ton of those merriments happen in Myanmar consistently, here’s top notch of the best festivals that will force you to be a piece of them immediately!

  • Kachin Manaw Festival
  • Ananda Pagoda Festival
  • Naga New Year Festival
  • Golden Hilltop festival
  • Thingyan Water Festival
  • Shittaung Pagoda Festival
  • Kason Festival
  • Waso Chinlone Festival
  • Taungbyone Nat Festival
  • Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival
  • Thadingyut Festival Of Lights
  • Kyaukse Elephant Dance Festival
  • Taunggyi Balloon Festival
  • Bodhi Tree Watering Festival
  • Tipitaka Festival
  • Regatta Festival

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