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Germany is officially known as the “Federal Republic of Germany”. Its capital is Berlin. In fact, it is one of the top countries in the whole world. It lies between the Baltic and North seas to the north and the Alps to the south. German is the official language of Germany. Here, we talk about Top Germany Festivals.

It shares its border with Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and also Netherland. Today Germany is a federal parliamentary republic led by a chancellor.


Certainly, today Germany is the largest economy in Europe, and it is world’s fourth-largest economy by nominal GDP, and fifth-largest by PPP. Germany also has its fame for its technical development, its education sector, colleges, its manufacturing sector, and it is a leading leader in the field of industrialization.

Germany had seen its worst era in the 20th century as it lost both the World Wars, and it has seen the consequences of Dictatorship and extreme nationalism. The world-wide depression hit Germany in 1929.

After First World War Germany saw the rise of Nazi philosophy under Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler. He was appointed as chancellor of Germany on 30 January 1933.

In 1935 it withdrew from the Treaty of Versailles and introduced Nuremberg law which targeted Jews and other minorities. Hitler considered Nazi race as superior than other races this thought or you can say policy led to killing of millions of Jews and another devastating war called Second World War.

Germany fought from the side of Axis Power which had Italy, and Empire of Japan as other prominent power. And these parties lost

the war facing severe consequences and this war led to the emergence of USA and USSR as arch rival and beginning of Cold War, and here it begins the era of Nuclear weapons.

Now Germany is among the top countries and leading economic whose standard of living is high and it is also popular for its Technical Education.

Germany is a vibrant country which has preserved its culture and it has various magnificent festivals, Germany is also known for its classical music and films. So let us know about these top festivals of Germany:

Top festivals of Germany includes: Oktoberfest, Reeperbahn, Karneval, Cannstatter Volksfest, Wurstmarkt, Berlin Film Festival, Weihnachtsmarkt, Rhein in Flammen, Beethovenfest, Bach Fest, Christmas Markets, and many more.

1. Christmas Markets – Germany Festivals

Christmas is an important festival in Germany and the setup of the market on this occasion has been an integral part of German society. All of us enjoy shopping for the festive season so every German city celebrates the season with traditional markets. Also, people buy Hand – made decorations, listen to German Christmas carols, also Christmas treats and many more.

Christmas Markets - Germany Festivals
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2. Oktoberfest in Munich – Germany Festivals

Octoberfest - Christmas Markets - Germany Festivals
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This is the ultimate festival of beer, music, and also a culture. This festival takes place in the month of September and early October. This is a three week festival which includes various activities like Parades, Floats, traditional costumes, tents with gallons of beer, and also traditional music with massive speakers. Undoubtedly, this festival is the most iconic Volkfest.

Certainly, this festival attracts millions of international and local people. It is celebrated in Theresienwiese, Bavariaring, Munich, Germany.

3. Cannstatter Volksfest in Stuttgart:

It is certainly an amazing festival celebrated in Cannstatter Wasen Stuttgart, Germany. This is a three-week-long family festival that includes Parades, March, Traditional Costumes, Musical Bands, Haunted Houses, Ferris Wheels, Roller coasters, delicacies, beer, and many more. This amazing festival begins in the month of September and lasts for 3 long weeks.

4. Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg:

Reeperbahn Festival
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It is an amazing festival, if you are a music lover who loves going to concerts of various music styles. This music festival of Germany attracts millions of music lovers from all over the world. You can also witness many International musicians performing in the festival live. This can be once in life time opportunity for a huge music lover. This festival includes art exhibitions, conferences, film screening, clubs, bars, 350 music concerts and others.

5. Warstmarkt in Bad Durkheim – Germany Festivals

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Celebrations take place in Bruhlwiesen, in Germany. This festival is one of the oldest festivals in Germany. The history of these festivals dates back to the 12th century. This festival started when farmers started to sell their produce to the pilgrims who were moving towards Michaelskapelle. According to an estimate this festival attracts around 500,000 people every 1st and 3rd weekend of September every year.

6. Beethovenfest in Bonn:

Beethovenfest in Bonn
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This festival is celebrated in Beethoven- Haus Bonn, Germany. It is a long three week- long festival celebrated from 31st August to 23rd September. As I have said earlier Germany is a vibrant country and had preserved its culture. This festival proves it, it is a festival which dates back to 1845, this festival started as a symbol to celebrate the music of renowned composer, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Today this festival had become an integral part of people living in Beethoven- Haus Bonn. On this day you can easily witness talented artists, Orchestras, Classical Dance, Workshops, and Food Fairs.

This festival usually includes 60 concerts at more than 20 venues; this will cover the birth place of the great composer.

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