Top Buddhist Festivals Worldwide:

BUDDHIST FESTIVALS: Festivals bring joy, happiness, and new beginnings in the life of people. It would not be wrong if I say that we all love celebrating festivals and enjoy their various delicacies prepared.

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Festivals are celebrated all over the world. Festivals signifies end of dark and beginning of new chapter of life. Every festival provides message of love, respect, faith for all human beings.

Festival signifies the victory of good, faith, devotion over the evil.

There is no end to this list if we include some of the local festivals. There are no boundaries for joy and happiness which festivals bring in life of individuals.

Buddhism is the world’s 4th largest religion in this world. It has followed by 7% of total world population. This religion is based on the teachings of Buddha (Siddhartha Gautama). It originated in ancient India.

But it spread and widely accepted in other Asian countries. Buddha was born in a royal Kshatriya Family (Shakya Clan) in Lumbini, Nepal as Siddhartha Gautama. His wife was Yashodhara, and child was Rahula. His parents are Suddhodana and Maya Devi.

He renounced his life at a very young age. And become a monk. Buddha enlightened in Bodidharman. He died in Khushinagar.

Buddhism is a religion of peace and valiance, so let us know about the festivals celebrated by Buddhist people. Disciples and followers of Buddha try to be more spiritual and live a life as described by Buddha.


Many Buddhist councils held in India. The most important of these are the councils that held under the leadership of Indian Emperors Ashoka, and Kanishka.

Indian rulers respected all religions and made donations to it. Rulers like Ashoka and Kanishka had sent Buddhist missionaries to various Asian countries.

Indian Emperor Ashoka has said to have adopted Buddhism religion and followed it. He never waged a war after the destructive war of Kalinga.

This includes Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, Myanmar and other south- east Asian Countries too. This led to the widespread of Buddhism religion all over many Asian Countries.

Today Lumbini birth place of Buddha lies in Nepal Country and is one of its most important cities. It is also a tourist attraction of Nepal.

Some of the prominent festivals which have celebrated with joy and excitement are: Buddha Purnima, Ullambana, Losar, Magha Puja Day, Asalha Puja Day, Uposatha, Rumtek Chaam, Hemis Festival, Pavarana Day, Lumbini Festival, Bodhi in Bodhgaya, Tamu Lhochhar,Kathina Ceremony, Parinirvana Day.

So let us know about these amazing festivals celebrated in Buddhism:

1. Buddha Purnima:

It is one of the most important festivals in Buddhism religion. It has celebrated every year. We can say that this is the most auspicious day in Buddhism. This festival has celebrated to mark the day when Siddhartha attained enlightment.

Buddha – the most important person in Buddhism, said to have to find Buddhism. According to many people this festival has celebrated to mark the birth of Gautama Buddha as Siddhartha.

He has also considered as the 9th avatar form of God lord Vishnu. A popular Hindu God. This festival has celebrated duringht full moon or mostly in the month of April or May.


It is one of the most popular Buddhist festivals celebrated in India, Nepal, Ladakh, Tibet and many other countries it is considered as the Tibtan New Year. This festival attracts tourists from all over the world. This festival is a long festival.

On this day you can notice and see that people that they are decorating the shrines, old monk monasteries, decorations, costumes, and many more.

This festival signifies victory of good over evil.

3. Magha Puja Day:

This is a very auspicious day in Buddhism religion. It is said that on this day lord Buddha gave recitation of the Patimokkhaon.

On this day people pray and recite Patimokkhaon. This day is also celebrated to pray to cherish Buddhist community. Also it is said that 1250 Buddhists come to pray to Lord Buddha.

This day has some other level of importance and auspiciousness in the life of people who follow Buddhism Religion.

4. Hemis Festival – BUDDHIST FESTIVALS

This is the most important and popular function celebrated in India. It is celebrated in famous Hemis Monastery of Ladakh.

This festival attracts many tourists from all over the country as well as from many foreign countries. This is a 2 day long festival in which people pray to Lord Padmasambhava.

This festival signifies the victory of sage over evil powers. In this festival you can enjoy many Buddhist foods, grand processions, lights, lamps, decorations, dance, drums, and cymbals.

This festival is celebrated every year on the 10th day of the Lunar month of the Tibetan calendar.


We all like celebrate festivals; like to spend time with family and friends. We love to do shopping, wear new clothes, send different gifts to our loved ones and receive gifts from them.

In short, in Buddhism religion there are many festivals in which there is a tradition of exchanging gifts, people love to wear new clothes, enjoy their festivals.

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