Things to know about Basant festival

Basant festival is also known as Basant Panchami is very popular and celebrated by entire nation this festival is celebrated popularly as Saraswati Puja and they celebrate this festival by making the preparation for arrival of spring season or Basant the people mostly students participate in the celebration and worship goddess Saraswati who is considered to be the goddess of knowledge art and music so so all the nation devotees together celebrate this festival by wearing yellow colour attire while performing the rituals of this Puja.

Importance and Signifficance of Basant Festival

Celebrating this basant festival there are various importance and significance behind this Puja and and there is also where is reason behind people wearing yellow colour on this day the main reason for the devotees to wear yellow colour is 2 to dominate the colour of Basant Panchami it is said that yellow colour is dominating colour of Basant Panchami because on this occasion they celebrate the time when yellow bright flowers of the reef mustard plants will be spotted in the fields of various rural district in India and there were also several flowers of the season which shows the the bright and fresh cheerful flowers of Basant

people have their thoughts and traditional beliefs according to their  religion during this season yellow flowers including marigold Daffodils will be offered to the goddess of knowledge that is goddess Saraswati

and if you notice we can see goddess Saraswati wearing white saree with white-yellow flowers also she wears a pearl necklace it is said that yellow is her favorite color colors festival, they observe the Saraswati Devi idol and they also decorate the idol with yellow flowers and saree of some times they also use white color cause white color is symbolizing purity and wisdom

please also many other reasons behind using the color yellow because yellow is the Basant festival of the Sun because it is yellow symbolizes and teaches everyone to become good and serious about education and sharp like sun most of the Hindus believes that yellow is a sign of knowledge learning and happiness is one of the most important for the students who use yela loa a w color to honor the goddess

Basant Panchami is a festival which is celebrated on the 5th day of Panchami of every year it is said to be believed that goddess Durga give birth to goddess Saraswati and this festival is one of the best occasion to mark the beginning and preparation of Holi this also is celebrated after the 40 days of Saraswati Puja

Basant festival is all about spreading good enthusiasm and knowledge to students to celebrate their wisdom and knowledge in this festival they also do the event of kite flying during this festival because it is one of the traditions of this festival to do kite flying during this festival

there are also many historical events about Basant festival it was introduced by a bye and introduce kite flying as a regular feature of this fair festival

Basant is a festival of kites and it is also a festival of Vasant Panchami Saraswati Puja and also spring festival this is a month of Megha Hindus and Sikhs during this festival the entire people for celebrating this festival spend time with families and do a get together by spending their time in flying kites

they also so make sweets and make this  Basant festival one of the best de of the year

during this festival they honor goddess Saraswati which is believed to be the Hindu goddess of knowledge music and art and almost all the women on this day wear yellow sarees and also yellow accessories the food is also made in yellow color yellow rice is cooked on this occasion and this celebration takes place in many schools and universities also we find many children write about knowledge on this day

Basant festival is also celebrated in the form of valentine’s day by many young people and this is one of the best festivals celebrated by why Hindus as well as Sikhs in the form of honoring the goddess of knowledge and also having a family get together exchanging gifts and sweets with one another hence this festival is marked as one of the best festivals celebrated in India

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