The Whale Festival of Hermanus

The Whale Festival of Hermanus has been running since 1992. This amazingly pretty South African seaside town offers spectacular coastlines, stunning beaches and the cherry-on-the-cake is it’s tradition of Whale watching and hosting the annual Hermanus Whale Festival.

Date and Celebrations

The world famous Hermanus Whale Festival, usually takes place annually at the end of September / beginning of October and this fabulous event attracts to the town well over 130,000 visitors for the week long festivities. Classified as the only Eco-Art festival in South Africa. The town comes alive during the Hermanus Whale Festival, with 100′s of attractions for everyone to enjoy and explore.

Eco-marine displays and educational shows by specialist environmental scientists and researchers; many large marquees holding craft markets, food halls, wine and beer tents; sound systems for bands, DJs and music arts; large kiddie arenas with magic shows, fair-ground rides and art classes; vintage car shows; sports events like bike races, marathons and athletics; large inflatable tents holding all manner of fun; plus so much more AND of course loads and loads of WHALES!

Southern Right Whales

The Southern Right Whales comes to the waters of Hermanus every year and they can be viewed sometimes only metres from the shore as they rear their young babies and play in the shallow waters.
Hermanus Whale Festival, where the stars of the show are the Southern Right Whales, near Cape Town in South Africa.
Southern Right Whales are the main species of whales visiting the shores of Hermanus although Bryde’s whales are found in Walker Bay all year and Humpback Whales migrate offshore of the bay during June, July and sometimes as late as August

While no two trips are ever the same, from our years of experience we have come to expect sighting of whales, dolphins, sharks, seals and an array of coastal marine fish and birds.
There are 73 species of toothed whales. The other group is the toothless whales, or as they are more commonly known, the Baleen however this festival is the biggest festival of fisheries and birds their are lakhs of people who go and enjoy their time with families due to the epidemic this festival has been cancelled all over the world
Since then it has been running widely South Africa is mainly noted for the shows and the tickets has been arranged before itself.

Hermanus, once a small fishing village, is today considered to be the best land-based whale watching spot in the world
Hermanus is said to offer the best land-based whale watching in the world.

Still there is been lot more to know about this festival

All Hermanus Whale Watching (boat-based) trips depart from the New Harbour in Hermanus. We offer an exciting up-close and personal encounter with Southern Right Whales in their natural environment. During the trip, you might see 3 types of whales, dolphins, seals, penguins and a variety of seabirds.

Hermanus is known as the land based whale capital of the world, you can see whales floating from the winding coastline, observe from the benches along the cliff paths
Hermanus has been recognized by the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) as one of the 12 best whale watching destinations in the world.

Great viewing

High seas that day. If you’re thinking of going make sure to take something to help if you get sick.
Hermanus whale watching is renowned for the most prolific whale viewing experience in the world
Southern Right Charters runs Hermanus whale cruises daily at 09h00, 12h00 and 15h00 from June – December each year.

Out of concern for the health and safety of the visitors and stakeholders and following advice received from the Western Cape; and SA Government, the Hermanus Whale Festival Executive Committee has taken a collective decision; to postpone the 2021 Hermanus Whale Festival event.

The Western Cape Province and SA Government regard this festival as a big event (5000 to 30 000+ people/day); and thus unless the national ban on gatherings of more than 15 000 people is lifted by August; this popular family festival celebrating the arrival of Southern Right

the Whale festival is one 0f the most enjoyed festival of all time not only in western cape province; but also to the people who belong to cape province in other provinces as well.

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