The Famous Festivals Of Korea

Korea is one of the most beautiful places in the world it has many arts and architecture if ancient times there are also great monuments which is done manually handwork is done in most of the monuments the culture of the country is worth experiencing it would be a privilege to see those sculpture of olden times and the country heritage to visit all that beautiful sights and architecture it also has a natural beauty all over the place
to understand more about Korean beauty is to know about it’s a festival celebration.

the famous festivals are as follows

Jeju fire festival (welcoming best of health harvest )

This is one of the famous festivals celebrated in Korea for 3days this festival is celebrated in February and March…. people put up ablaze and pray for good health and happiness of the people they do it as a new year for all of them pray to have good health it also symbolizes about their old ritual of burning the old grass to get rid of vermin before starting with the new farming season of the year in this festivals they march, dance, and sing songs

Jinju lanterns festival (make a wish)

this festival is popularly known as nagging and this festival is carried from the olden times of tribe it is the oldest festival of ancient time here all the people of Korea lit thousands of lantern and keep across the river and pray for their near and loved ones for their health and prosperity

Seongsan sunrise festival (welcoming new year)

Each year, on the very first day, regional people hike and gathered up to the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, locally called Sunrise Peak to witness and glimpse the first rays of the Sun of the year and wish happiness, health, and prosperity for all the people of Korea
Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is one of the most beautiful and elegant viewpoints of Korea, remembered for its jaw-dropping impression of the surface and it is also listed by UNESCO as a World Nature Heritage Site. 

Hansik in the memory of an ancestor

this festival is celebrated for the people who have died in their family here the people make cooking without fire and eat that whole day and they also visit the death graves and pray for them
hansik festival is also called as cold food festival as it arrives at the farming time all the farmers spread the seeds all over the farms

You (A unique festival)

yudu falls in summer in this festival all the people of the country collect all their crops and fruits and vegetables and they submit this to their God as a household stock and people will also go near lakes and remove all hair and they believe is that all the bad spirits and bad luck will be removed from their lives

Seollal (new year festival)

Selena is the Korean new year and is commemorated on the first day of the Korean calendar. This festival is enjoyed as Korean festivals cheered by the whole country. People begin their festival by fulfilling traditional rituals and paying tribute to them. The citizens wear traditional dresses, eat authentic conventional food, play folk games, and listen to folk stories. Everyone greets each other, exchanges wishes and prayers and blessings and sweets and gifts

Dano is a beautiful Korean tradition

this festival is also very famous and traditional in Korea, Dano is a traditional name. Regional people rejoice and celebrate with full strength and it is proclaimed as a national holiday in the country for that particular day and Women wash off their hair in boiled water with a sweet flag to provide it a shiny luster on the hair
The regional people dress up in red and blue and wear irises roots to wave off bad spirits from the body. People enjoy traditional folk games like swing and stone battle and pamper in local food like surichitteok, such tteok, and herb rice cakes.

Hwacheon sancheoneo ice festival

Establish in a cold and frozen river of Gangwon Province of Hwacheon County, it is another Korean festivity that is sensational and mesmerizing. in this festival, people step through the sub-zero weather for trout fishing. Mane of them even grabs fish with bare hands from the drilled ice holes. This is one of the most popular winter festivals of Korea, celebrated widely.

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