Thanksgiving festival

Thanksgiving festival is a festival which is celebrated as one of the national holidays on various dates in the United States like Canada Grenada Saint Lucia and Librium this day will begin as a day of giving thanks and sacrifices for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year and by this way, this festival is similarly named as a festival holiday which occurs in Germany and Japan.

Significance of Thanksgiving festival:

Thanksgiving festival is one of the great festivals that to be celebrated especially on the second Monday of October in Canada and 4th Thursday of November in the United States of America and it is also celebrated in almost all around the world is the same part of the year in other places it great history because Thanksgiving has a great history for roots in religious and cultural traditions and it has also been celebrated as a secular holiday on this Thanksgiving festival day

Thanksgiving festival is also having a good history and on this day the prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremony will be held among all the common people almost all religious and after the harvest and other times this Thanksgiving festival has become history especially in North America because in this America it has been rooted in English tradition as dating from the protestant reformation and this festival is also having good aspects of a harvest festival

this festival is celebrated as a English tradition and this day of Thanksgiving and special Thanksgiving will be done by religious services to become important during the English reformation in the region of Henry 8th all the United States celebrate this Thanksgiving festival in the reaction to the large number of religious holiday according to the catholic calendar and this festival also has history because it was started in the year 1536 and their only 95 Church holidays plus 52 Sundays where all the people in United state where required to attend churches and work

and sometimes pay for expensive celebration that were going to be held in this Thanksgiving festival then later on in the year 1936 the reform were reduced to the number of Church holidays 227 then later on the holidays were to be replaced by a special day call as a days of fasting or days of Thanksgiving and in response to this all the people attended the events and view the acts of worship of special providence this festival is specially celebrated by the United States and they give a thanksgiving for the victory over the Spanish Armada in 1588 and they also celebrate the victory of various kings and queens that empowered their Empire

according to their history it is said that this festival of Thanksgiving is celebrated in North America for the the place that they have conquered and most of the Canadian celebrate this Thanksgiving and sometimes that raised to the franks Atlas who came to the new France in the year 17th century then they celebrated this festival as a successful harvest and all the French people celebrate this festival is a typical feast at the end of harvest season

and this festival will continue throughout the winter season and sharing food with other people of that same area is also one of the tradition to celebrate this Thanksgiving festival this festival has become very popular and it has been celebrated in most of the common places

t in history Thanksgiving festival were merely held in New England in the year 1620, from then onwards they carried the tradition of days of fasting which is also known as the days of Thanksgiving with them to New England and this has been declared as a modern Thanksgiving holiday tradition which has been recorded in the year 1619 in Virginia evil is all about the arrival of settlers to their places where they settled down and had a religious celebration dedicated by all the groups from among the United States where they survived through ships through land

or through anything they settle to the respected places and on this day all the people United State give thanks To the God almighty for making them a good harvest and also help them to get through the previous winter by giving them food in the time of scarcity it is all about Thanksgiving to the city leaders as well as to the God almighty for being in their support and helping them throughout the harvest time

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