Teej festival- The History

Teej festival is one of the most popularly celebrated festivals and this festival is one of the most love festivals in India this festival is especially observed by the married ladies and they celebrate this festival by worshipping lord shiva and goddess Parvati this festival takes place at the time of monsoon season and women keep fast on this festival for or husbands for their well being and also they pray for their long life of their husband mostly we see there are three most famous festival of teaching that is being celebrated in India that includes hariyali Teej kajari Teej and Haritha Teej

kajal Teej is popularly known as Bihari Teej which is celebrated on the third day of fortnight Bhadrapada and this Teej is also called as Budi teach and this will be followed by hariyali Teej as well which is known as Choti Teej and we found that this year this festival took place and was celebrated on August 11, 2021

kajal Teej festival would be celebrated after ee days of Raksha Bandhan and it will be celebrated before the 5 days of Krishna Janmashtami and this will be observed by almost all the ladies who are married and this will begin from 4 4:00 p.m. on August 24th and it will end by 418 pm on August 25

they celebrate this festival by singing songs all the women Wilson flocksongs about their short separation from there has been and they also observe fast on this day and pray to the moon for omen perform various types of Puja of the name tree and there are also various other rituals and traditions perform on this day and addition to this the unmarried woman can also observe this fast and celebrate this Teej festival to pray for the desired life partner that is going to be married in future hands this is one of the most popular festivals in India and nepal

History Behind Teej Festival:

kajari or Badi Teej is an age-old festival which is being celebrated by most of the women and during this festival all the women visit their parental homes and participate in the celebration of this festival and they also perform various rituals and traditional they also follow the kajari flocksongs and sing various traditional songs and they also perform various rituals to seek the blessings from lord shiva and goddess Parvati they also perform fast and pray for their husband long life and lord Parvati and Shiva is to be considered as the divine representation of happily married life couple

teej festival mini married women’s wake up early in the morning and they take a bath and wear new clothes and jewellery on this festival and they start fasting for the whole day without eating or drinking anything and only thing they do during this day is there just pray and worship lord shiva and goddess Parvati as a riders they also received various Teej Katha and they finish their day by concluding the Puja with Aarti

this Teej festival has mes and different occasions especially this festival will fall on monsoon season and this will be celebrated by most of the girls and women and during this festival, they also perform dance and sing songs as a ritual and dedicate all their prayers to lord shiva and Parvati

Teej festival will be celebrated in almost all parts of the country in India the most parts of North India will celebrate this festival like Bihar Jharkhand Uttar Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttarakhand Sikkim and this is one of the traditional festivals that is being observed by almost all the women during monsoon according to the Hindu calendar

this festival is celebrated by western and northern states of India and Nepal they also celebrate this festival as a bounty of nature arriving of clouds and rain and greenery and birds with their social activity some many rituals and customs will take place during this festival women and other girls do get together with friends and tell their stories dressing up and they also apply color on their hands and feet wearing red is the tradition to be done on this day green Orange clothes will also be used they also make various types of delicious food to eat

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