Republic Day in India in 2021

Republic Day in India in 2021: Festivals are important episodes in the life of human beings that bring joy, happiness, and positivity, but whereas also fills and brings colors in the life of human beings.

Republic Day in India in 2021
Republic Day in India in 2021

Festivals are celebrated all over the world. Festivals are very important events that bind human spiritually. It also leads a way to enlighten humans. Also it provides us the message of victory of good over evil.

It is observed annually on 26th January. On this day a nationwide national holiday will be observed. Republic Day is a very special day that is observed in honor of the date on which our constitution came into existence.

The Constitution of our country India came into existence on 26th January 1950. It was the period that saw the extreme struggle, bloodshed for the independence of the country.

After Indian Independence, the governing body changed from the British Empire to the Indian National Congress. Creating the Constitution and bringing it into existence was one of the greatest milestones of a newly independent country.

We all know that the constitution is the governing document of India. It turned India into the Democratic Republic. For the first time in the history, Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26th November 1949, but it came into effect on 26th January 1950.

History of the Republic Day

The celebration of Republic Day in India has a long history. On 15th August 1947, India gained its independence from the mighty British Empire. The British first came to India in a form of a trading company on 24th August 1608.

It started its conquest of the subcontinent after the Battle of Plassey. It was fought between the Nawab of Bengal SirajUdDaulah and the British East India Company on 23rd June 1757.

The British won this war and annexed the Bengal region. This war was decisive and opened the path for the company to establish itself as a political power in the subcontinent.

After this event, India saw series of wars between many Indian rulers and the British East India Company. This includes the Battle of Buxar, three Carnatic wars between French East India Company and British East India Company, four Anglo- Mysore wars, Three Anglo- Maratha Wars, Two Anglo- Sikh Wars, The Anglo- Kuka Wars, and the war the shook the rule of the company that is ‘The First War of Indian Independence in 1857’.

This is also known as the Sepoy Mutiny. This is an important episode in the history of the subcontinent that awakened the sense of nationality among millions of Indians. This event ended the centuries-old Company’s rule, and Indians directly came under the Queen’s rule.

After this, we as Indians somehow did not look back. We constantly started demanding Independence. Many freedom fighters made supreme sacrifice for this.

On 15th August 1947 dreams of millions of Indians and all those freedom fighters who sacrificed their life turned into reality. India achieved its independence on this day.

The work for having proper governance and documentation of the Indian Constitution started even before the independence. On 26th January 1950, India adopted its written Constitution.

Celebrations of the Republic Day:

On this day people celebrate this day by remembering the sacrifices of our ancestors. On this day we remember Dr. BR Ambedkar, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and other leaders who played an important role in drafting and bringing our Constitution into existence.

In all schools, colleges, universities, and every Government office people host thetricolor Indian National flag. They pay respect to the National Flag by saluting it. They even sing National Anthem and National song as well.

On this day Indian tricolor was hosted at Delhi’s Rajpath in the presence of President Ram NathKovind, Prime Minister NarendraModi, and many other important personalities.

A parade was conducted that included the newly inducted Rafale Fighter Planes, various Army Contingents, including women contingents also, a separate NCC Contingent, Commando Contingents, A total of 32 tableaux that included tableaux from 17 states an UT’s, nine of ministries, and six from the Defence arm.

It showed the culture and tradition of various states and the Union Territories. It also exhibited the roles of various ministries and the Defence forces in the development of the country.

On this day a huge crowd gathered at Delhi’s Rajpath to witness this Parade and enjoy the various performances, and also to witness the country’s military strength.


We Indians share a sense of pride in celebrating Republic Day, remembering our great history, and remembering the sacrifices done by our great freedom fighters.

Also, we had made immense progress in every sector of society after the independence of the country. We had fought many wars with Pakistan, and China.

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We are among the top 5 powerful countries in military strengths, and the world firepower index. Since we are among the top producers of Engineers, Doctors, and many other professionals.

We should be proud of our valiant history, but we should also try to focus and bring major changes in our social structure and structure of society. However, we should focus more on education, development of Manufacturing sector, Encourage new Innovations, Woman development, increase our literacy rate, improve the percentage of working force among Indian Woman, and many other sectors.

So here is the article on Republic Day in India in 2021 share your views and thoughts in the Comment Section.

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