Raksha Bandhan festival: Importance

Raksha Bandhan festival is celebrated all across India and it is also celebrated in most parts of the country the main sign of this festival is it is Mark as a brother-sister festival as the sister ties a rakhi on her brother’s wrist and celebrate with other people

this festival is celebrated in India largely everyone has their own culture and historical significance of this festival there are various customs which are associated with Raksha Bandhan the most important significance of this festival is to strengthen and celebrate the brother-sister bond it is celebrated in most parts of the country and it has variously used in other parts of the country

Raksha Bandhan in Tamil Nadu and other states

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated in Tamilnadu Kerala and parts of Maharashtra it is marked as one of the best festivals for the sister-brother bond it is celebrated by the male members of the family on the full moon night in the month of Sawan
this start celebrating this day by taking a DIP in the water and performing other rituals they also seek Atonement of all the persons they also purified their body by time Holi e thread and to the body which is known as Janet

this jane is replaced every year by the new one and there are various old rituals performed while time this new threat they promise to themselves that they are going to perform all good deeds in all these coming years and they also read your Veda on this particular day which is carried for the next six months in Tamilnadu the fourth day of the Pongal is known as Khanum our Kanu Pongal on this day women performer ritual call Kanu pidi for their brothers
and in Karnataka women Tai rakhi for the brothers on Nag Panchami

Raksha Bandhan in Telangana

in Telangana, women tie Rakhi to the brothers on Rakhi Purnima and there is a tradition in almost all the families tu to ask their daughters to tie Rakhi to their father also
in Maharashtra aur in any coastal areas this festival as natural Purnima and on this day the women’s worship the sea and fisherman’s who throw coconuts into the sea as offerings and later they tie Rakhi for their brothers
Raksha Bandhan is one of the most ancient time festivals that would be celebrated by almost all Hindus to show the hona towards the brother and to maintain a great bond between brother-sister

people celebrate this festival by performing many rituals and making delicious dishes and other types of sweets and foods to give each other after performing the ritual of time rakhi for the brother the brothers have to to offer sisters with some gifts or money

Raksha Bandhan Importance

this festival is celebrated between the brother-sister to strengthen their bond between each other and to also keep the love and trust between them through this bond called Rakhi and it is one of the ancient time festivals which is still celebrated by a large number of people in India

this year Raksha Bandhan was celebrated on August 25, 2020, which fall on Saturday, and as per the rituals sister applied to the brother’s forehead and tired sacred thread called Rakhi on their wrist which is Mark as one of the affection and pray for the long life of brother in written the brothers will promise them to protect her life from all the difficulties and problems and they wrote them by offering some gifts this is one of the most important festival celebrated in Hindus to expand the affection and care and love between the brother sisters and this also has many historic significance and stories from previous or past ancient times

many people celebrate this as per their Hindu calendar and according to them this festival has to be celebrated on full moon night as it falls on Purnima so they celebrate this festival on full moon day and they enjoy and rejoice with each other and also exchange gifts take the blessings from all the elders and start their day by taking a shower or dipping in the water of lake or river and then performing all the beautiful rituals followed by their ancestors and it is a festival of brother sisters strong bond

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