Popular Festivals Around The World

Popular Festivals Around The World

Popular Festivals Around The World: There are so many amazing festivals celebrating all over the globe that can truly astonish anyone looking for a true cultural experience. They aren’t just regular festivals; they’re something completely different and amazing. People from all around the globe gather together in order to witness these mind-blowing celebrations. It is definitely worth your time to see what amazing festivals are celebrating right now in Africa and Asia.

Burning Man Festival – Popular Festivals Around The World

This particular Burning Man Festival considered to be one of the largest and most intense spiritual and cultural festivals; that takes place on the entire planet. Moreover, each year over a thousand people from throughout the world come out to celebrate this spectacular event; which is taking place in the deserts of Nevada. In addition to the thousands of people who attend the festival each year; there are also countless artists, performers, and bands who perform throughout the week.

The Hot Air Balloon Festival

This particular hot air balloon festival held annually in early August. The primary aim of this exhibition is to celebrate ballooning; and also there is a huge amount of interest in the subject. It attracts people from all around the globe; and a million people from as far away as China have said to attend yearly. This is truly an incredible event, which is full of color and excitement.

Hindu Festival – Popular Festivals Around The World

The most famous Hindu festival which celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm is the Diwali. It celebrated on the full moon of the Hindu month of Shravan and is known as “the festival of lights”. On the third night of the festival, lighting of lamps begins across the streets of the major cities. Moreover, the main attractions of this particular festival include the operation of the largest Hindu temple; the display of fire and water on the Ganges; and the burning of all the lamps at the end of the celebrations.

Oktoberfest – Popular Festivals Around The World

Germany’s Oktoberfest celebration is one of the most popular and exciting festivals that takes place in October. The theme of this particular festival is “brewing beer”. There are over 100 breweries all over Germany that produce substantial amounts of great Oktoberfest beers. This regarded as the largest such celebration in Europe. Thousands upon thousands of tourists visit the Oktoberfest celebration each year; and the quantity of visitors is increasing by the day. Over sixty thousand people from twenty-five countries in the European Union as well as sixty-two other countries take part in this fun-filled festival.

The Burning Man Festival

This festival is taking place right in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is one of the most famous and widely celebrated festivals of South America. It has been going on for almost eleven years now and was created as an alternative to the much more commercialized and mainstream Burning Man Festival. What makes this event stand out from the many street festivals that are taking place in cities across the globe, is the fact that the Burning Man Festival is organic, environmentally friendly, and non-profit.

The Munich Flight Festival

A unique and one of a kind cultural exhibition that takes place over ten days; and organized by the Korean Airlines as a celebration for their Korean Airline carrier flights. Considered the largest such celebrations in the world; the plane journey around the country of Korea designed to educate the travelers about various aspects of Korean culture. It is also meant to entertain and encourage the passengers to take home with them various souvenirs and gifts that they picked up while visiting the country. The celebration is organized on the first Tuesday of every November.

The Tomato Festival

Spain’s tomato lovers have got no reason to celebrate as the country is celebrating its fiftyth year of the very popular Oktoberfest. The annual event sees thousands of visitors flock to the German beer festival; where they can eat and drink fresh German foods including brats, sausages, and of course, beer. The tomato festival runs from September to October and tickets are available at very affordable rates. You can make your reservation online to ensure you get the best seats available.

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