Parsi New Year

Parsi New Year: Festivals are an important event that brings joy, happiness and fill colors in the life of human beings. Festivals are an important part of human life. They are celebrated all over the world.

Parsi New Year

Festivals are important as they spread the positive message all over the world. It spread the message of victory of good over evil. Festivals also play an important role in providing an image of diversification in the country.

Festival that is celebrated all over the world are different from each other, the way of celebrating a festival depends upon the customs, traditions, culture, heritage, and many things.

Festivals are loved by everyone irrespective of their age groups. Celebrating a festival gives us a moment of patience. It also acts as a stress buster for many people. People also love to celebrate festivals as they get time to spend with their family, friends, and their love ones.

Parsi Community in India:

In India and Pakistan, there is a significant population of the Parsi community. Parsi refers to the ethnic group of people that migrated from Persia, during the Muslim conquest of Persia.

The Literacy rate in the Parsi community is very high. It is about 97.9% in the country. Parsi Community somehow has its upper hand in many sectors of the society.

Parsi Community has more number of female than the male. It has 1050 females per 1000 males, whereas the birth ratio among the Parsi community is very less. This is also a main and important reason for the sharp decline in the population in the Parsi community.

According to a study in 2020 population of the Parsi community will be around 23,000. The reason for this sharp decline is a slower and lower birth rate than the death rate, childlessness, and migration.

The Parsi community has well established and integrated itself into Indian society. They had accepted the culture, tradition, and heritage of the Indian society. But Parsi Community somehow had maintained and, they are able to develop their own culture, tradition, and heritage.

Persian as an ethnic community:

Persians being in India or in Pakistan, they are nationally bound and known as the citizens of the respective country, but whereas they had developed, and maintained their own culture, tradition, heritage, and customs. This makes and helps the Persian community to be peculiar and stand out of the crowd.

Generally, the entire community avoids inter-caste or inter-religion marriages to maintain the purity and keep their roots alive that are from Persia. They are more close to Neolithic Iranians rather than modern Iranians.  

Celebrations OF Parsi New Year:

In 2021 New Year in the Parsi Community will be on 16th August on Monday. This day is also widely popular as Navroz or Nowroz. It is a day that marks the beginning of the Parsi calendar.

The Parsi community in India had migrated from Persia during its Muslim conquest. In the Persian language ‘Nav’ means new and ‘Roz’ means the day. This is a reason that this day is popular as Navroz in the Persian community.

In India there is a significant population of the Parsi community in Maharashtra and Gujarat, the very prominent and popular celebration of Parsi New Year is in these two states.

Globally this day is observed in March, whereas in India it is observed in August. As Shahenshahi calendar is dominantly followed in the country. This day is also called Jamshed I Navroz. It is named after the Persian King Jamshed.

The celebration of most of the festivals in the Parsi Community is in the open air, and open sky. This festival is observed and people pray for the growth, prosperity, and good health of their loved ones.

On this day the Parsi people dress up in traditional outfits, attire, decorate their homes, clean their homes, and prepare various delicious foods.

The delicious food prepared on this day includes Prawn Patio, Patra Ni Macchi, Mori Dar, Akoori, Berry Pulao, fruits, sandalwood, milk, flowers, and many more. On this day people also visit Temples to pray for the well-being of their loved ones.

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Parsi people and the Parsi Community are quite different than any other community that resides for thousands of years in India. They had still not forgotten their ancient roots that they share with their Persian ancestors.

Festivals are very important to bond people together. Festival increases the closeness, love, and emotions between various people. Every festival is important, as they spread a positive message in this world.

Festival in every religion teaches us to be kind, spread love, humanity, and many other positive things in this world. Festivals also reflect the diversity, culture, tradition, customs, and heritage of a country.

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