Outstanding places in Kashmir to visit

Kashmir is one of the most blissful expensive Grassland and stunning Orchards and it is one of the most beautiful places in India this is one of nature’s magical Jem on earth this place is known as the paradise on earth there are very beautiful snowy glaciers and pristine lakes an and other various places which has beautiful sight and amazing places to see it has beautiful sceneries and beautiful snow season in this place and people go to admire its beauty e and enjoy its nature it is one of the best places to visit in any location
the famous places of Kashmir are as follows


this is a place of Kashmir this place is also the capital city of Jammu and Kashmir this place has very attractive lakes called idyllic dal lake this lake is one of the top priority and top attraction for any tourist who is it there is also are shikara right available in the daytime and during midnight you can cruise here for a romantic evening and there is also one of the Asia’s most extensive tulip gardens which is India’s only floating Market


this is one of the top most popular places of Srinagar this place is are the northeast region of Srinagar this place has a widespread of bloom of yellow crocuses during spring summary is one of the high altitude tourist attractions and this place is very famous for three sisters a group of rivers there are known as ladder Sind and Neelam this place is an st stunning place of Kashmir because there is a good river rafting experience on the gushing Indus river which attracts the tourist


this is also one of the most beautiful places in Kashmir and it has good adventurous things to see e because this has crowning Glory which is one of the world’s second-highest gondola right to arwat peak this place is consist of 14403 feet height hence this is one of the third highest ski resort in India skin snowboarding tracking and various other activities are more fun and excitement to do in this place is very beautiful to visit during winter the most important part of this place is in this place they celebrate the three-day winter festival which has been organized by the Indian army and tourism minister for every year


this is also one of the great attractions of many tourists because there is a beautiful visual available in this place like lush greenery what Himalayan ranges and crystalline mountain rivers stress along the Lidder river this place also allows fishing tracking and angling among others available in this place for tracking gateways to Amarnath Aru valley gohalia glacier other high altitude destinations this place has many other attractions like aru valley Betaab valley


this is also one of the famous city e in Kashmir because this is is one of the famous widespread production houses of saffron milk ok and untouched surroundings this place is very blissful and what are the top attraction of Kashmir this place has various other religious sites and historical monuments and herbalwaterfalls

Aru valley

this is also one of the beautiful sights that we can see in Kashmir because it has stunning sites of the valley and you can visit this place on a pony right or he is also one of the gems of Kashmir because it has very good experiences of the book a cozy local homestay and saves our traditional delicacies at a roadside cafe
this is also one of the natural scenic places of Kashmir

Yusmarg valley

this is also one of the most beautiful places because it is one of the popular hill stations of Kashmir people believe that this place is very special because they believe that Lord Jesus state here for a short duration of time and he was extremely impressed by all the spectacular expense of this place and is a favorite place among couples want to spend some quality time together and this is also one of the ideal places for people who enjoy tracking for a long time in this remote location
hence Kashmir is one of the beautiful place to visit and enjoy its beauty e because it is one of the beautiful gem off India

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