obon festival

Obon festival of Japan celebration 2022

this article is about the obon festival of JAPAN and also its significance HISTORY and various other BELIEVE that has been involved in the celebration of this festival

this festival is a festival that is being celebrated in Japan and this is a obon festival that a Japanese Buddhist celebrates as a custom to honor the spirit of one’s ancestors.

obon festival
obon festival

this obon festival is a Buddhist Confucian custom where the people has evolved with the family reunion holiday and during this festival, people believe that their ancestor’s people will return to the family places and they also visit their graveyards and during this festival, they celebrate this with various beliefs by cleaning the house and also places where they believe that their ancestors will visit their homes.

they also visit Graves of their dead people and believe that the spirits of their ancestors will supposedly revisit their household.

obon festival has been celebrated in Japan for at least more than 500 years back and it is one of their traditional festivals that they celebrate and during this festival they all sing, and dance which is popularly known as bon odori.
this festival will last for at least three days and the starting day of the celebration will be different according to the regions of Japan or according to the lunar calendar.

during obon festival, the localities in Japan will be based on the solar calendar and they celebrate around the 15th of July as an Easter Japan. and as we see in the lunar calendar, this festival is mostly celebrated around the 15th of August and it is not the most common time when they celebrate this festival and this will keep changing every year as per the lunar calendar.

Obon festival also has great Japanese history for celebrating this bon festival,
and the festival was being inaugurated and it was named as ghost festival.

this ghost festival was held on the 15th night of the 7th month and during this day that is the ghost day they believe that all the ghosts and the spirits including their deceased and stars will come out from the lower realm distinct from both.

they believe that during this ghost festival all the deceased people are believed to visit the household of many people who have lost their family member and they also believe that on the 15 day of this festival all the heavens and the hell will realm between the living and an open and during this they all the Buddhist will perform various rituals so that they offer many eon earth to their suffering people of deceased and

there is also a traditional descendants that extends to their ancestors even after death typically saying this festival is known as the ghost festival where the people of Japan believe that all the people who have died will come back to life and visit their homes and during this day they want to to reduce the burden that is there on the souls of the deceased people by performing various rituals and also by offering various food and making many forms of material items like clothes gold and other fine goods that is there in their home while the spirits visit to their homes.

during this ghost festival, all the people in Japan make the foods which are mainly non-vegetarian and they would serve them with empty plates and they also make seats for each deceased in the family as they believe that treating the disease as their living still.

then they worship their ancestor by performing various rituals this shows that they pay respect to all the people who have died and this customs and rituals will also include the older generation, as well as the the the the younger generation like this festival, will include buying and also releasing miniature paper boats and also they make lanterns on water which signifies the directions to the lost ghosts and also giving the direction to all the spirits of their ancestors and other deities.

hence, this festival has been marked as one of the great festivals that is celebrated especially in Japan and also related places of Asia Singapore Malaysia where people honor this festival with great rituals and also with great offerings.

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