Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: It is a special day that is celebrated every year. In 2021 Mother’s day will be observed on 9th May. Festivals are important in the life of human beings. They give us the message to spread positivity in this beautiful world.

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day

Other than these festivals, there are a few days that should be celebrated and they have huge significance and importance in the life of human beings.

These days can be celebrated to remember the contribution of a person or a personality that had made a huge impact on this society or in the life of human beings.

Some of these days are Mother’s day, Father’s day, National sports day, Environment day, Teachers day, World Ocean Day, Science Day, Daughters day, Brothers day, and many more.

These days are completely different from each other. They have different reasons for which they are celebrated. Mother, Father, Teachers, Daughter, Brother, and sister all play a very different, unique, and important role in the development of the personality of the person.

Sometimes they provide moral support, emotional support, financial support, and support in many ways. Science, Environment, Ocean, Sports, and others help a person to understand the surroundings and our world.

Celebration of these can also lead to a positive impact on the minds of the large population. However in-turn it also leads to making this world a better living place.

Why should we celebrate Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day is a very special day celebrated in many Asian as well as in many European Countries. Historically some many traditions and festivals pay tribute to Mother for their role in the life of a child.

It also pays tribute to the sacrifices, compromises, hardships, and various other struggles that a woman undergoes during fulfilling her duties, and family wishes.

In many Religions level of the Mother is considered very high. No religion teaches anyone of us to insult our Mother.

There are many poems, Shayari, essays, novels, and many things written on Mother. But all these cannot match the love that we get from our Mother. All these are just a way to express our gratitude.

For a mother who had sacrificed her life because of her child; it should not be difficult for us to contribute a day in the whole year on her name. This day celebrating Mother’s day had become just a source of commercialization.

This modern-day Mother’s day was initiated from the USA. It is opposed in many European and Asian countries as it had seen immense commercialization. The person who proposed the idea of the celebration of Mother’s day would too not like this commercialization.

Mother’s day According to Various Religions

In Islam religion, there is a story that once a man came to meet the Prophet. And said that he had carried his aged, old mother on his back, and completed her Hajj in the immense heat in barefoot. And asked whether he had fulfilled his duties towards his mother and paid for her love and pain which she tolerated because of him.

Prophet replied that if he does the same several times then too he will not be able to pay for the love, care, sacrifice, and struggle that his mother tolerated for him.

That is the place of Mother in Islam. It is said that the whole Jannat lies below the feet of Mother.

The Hindu Religion story of Shravan Kumar is widely popular. He carried his both blind parents on his shoulders. And tried to fulfill their wish to visit all the Hindu holy places. But was accidentally killed on the way by King Dasharatha. 

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We cannot match the level of sacrifice of Mother, but we can try to fulfill our duties towards our Mother. Before insulting or going against our Mother we should remember the sacrifices done by her.

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