Met Gala 2021

met gala is the biggest night out and this theme is referred with the affectionate fashions which are held in this med Gala for fundraising benefits for the metropolitan museum for art in New York City there are a large number of events that would be held in this met Gala celebration welcome star cast all industry Paragon and there also costume institute that will be posted with 2 part exhibition there is an American theme for this fact about fashion which will open a costume center and it will be displayed when the American anthology of fashion will be open

there is also an exhibition and bookmark for making a new page this is one of the biggest events to bwawatchess exclusive Red carpet coverage

this celebration is held every year on the second Monday in September this is one of the fashion night of nights which is being celebrated by most of the actors and actresses it is a bigger event than ever there is a star-studded guest listed and they will be dressed by designers who will interpret a certain theme on their costume

the person who is in charge of costume institute Wendy yu curator and he believes that American fashion is undergoing releases due to social justice and political movements of recent years and he tells that now it is a time to re-examine American identity and passion for now

usually, color is celebrated on the first Monday a tradition and it is one of the most significant fixtures in the fashion calendar which is being held annually this celebration of met Gala fashion is held at the metropolitan museum of art costume institute

here during the celebration, each guest are invited to attend the event in a carefully chosen vogue

but since there was a pandemic of covid-19 going on this year so this year met Gala was canceled and it has been postponed next year and there are also certain guidelines that are to be expected to follow if they want to stay an inwwinterood books

there is a restriction to take selfies are ban in this celebration and there are also certain rules implemented by the authorities that should be considered while attending the place at met Gala

No selfish

a person who is going to attend the celebration of this place should not take selfies it has been banned by the authorities since 2015 it was reported that the use of social media is completely banned for this event because celebrities spend more time in the evening on their phones rather than attending the program so there are bandh for photos

however, the photoshoot be taken inside the met Gala it is permitted for them to take photos when they are inside and there are no social media inside the met gala

People under 18 are not allowed

since 2018 it was announced that met Gala has decreased the age of New age restriction that is this is meant that high profile individuals who are under the age of 18 cannot attend this event as it is prohibited for them to attend this event because there is a met Gala theme which is known as heavenly bodies and it is all about fashion and catholic imagination and it is not appropriate for the people who are under 18 to attend this event

No smoking inside the museum

since 2017 it was also revealed that some celebrities were picture while smoking cigarettes in the bathroom at met Gala so at that same year it was announced that the board members ban smoking in the Met Gala event because it is disrespectful to the art of collection and it is also illegal to person smoke in a museum

No onion breath

as the walk and met Gala Red carpet the guest at the event at rated to take a cocktail hour and formal dinner so looking all the foods variety certain foods have been canceled in a menu because it was told by some of the employee that the publication that person is banned to avoid the risk of nerve getting stuck in the people’s teeth no onion or garlic will be served in this he was to avoid any bouts of bad breath

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