Mardi Gras Festival: Celebrated by Christians

Mardi Gras festival is a festival celebrated by all the Christians and the other name of this festival is Shrove Tuesday this day is called as fast Tuesday and this day falls before the aish day during this festival all the Christians do for fast and they name fat Tuesday to be the last day for eating all the richer foods before keeping the fast according to the min days of lent begins

Mardi Gras Celebrated By

this is one of the famous festivals that are to be celebrated by a large number of Americans especially this is very famous in New Orleans where all the people of this place parades week begins this festival is also celebrated in the southern cities of French Heritage which are also known as mobile and many other places which are of French heritage this festival is the culmination of the carnival season when the Christians begin their feast in January this carnival season is also celebrated with the majority of Catholics in other countries the most famous country to celebrate this festival are known in Brazil where they join together and make parades on the streets

Celebrated from

Mardi gras festival was celebrated before in the 1703 year with a secret society and they also formed a masque de mobile which was being organized to celebrate this festival and they also celebrate this festival by elaborating floats which are used in Paredes during this Mardi gras festival

during this festival they make the street parade and March all over the city and the most famous thing they do during the rally is their faces will be hidden by wearing masks and they also do the traditional floating riders who will throw trinkets at the crowds this is also one of the oldest things they perform because this began in the year 1870 and there are some of the typical things like cups coins and stuffed animals

they celebrate this festival with joy and full entertainment and also with fun this is one of the most famous festivals celebrated by Catholics all around the world and the people who organized this festival are very private because there are nonprofit organizations who are members contribute with each other around the year

And then they a plan a parade theme and they also plan for the costumes and the things that they throw during the parade there are people who invest for this festival whether it could be individually or it could be by all the members who get together earring and planned to celebrate this festival they also do to sales of krewe related merchandise and they also do fundraising this will also include most of the corporate sponsorships of the city of New Orleans

Importance Of Mardi Gras

this is one of the best festivals to be placed between families to enjoy the entertainment and fun during this festival
all the Christian people do fast on this day they finished all their eatings and on the last day of this festival they fast usually this festival will be e concentrated for about two weeks and it is one of the major parade each day
people do Parades for almost all five days during this festival

in the final week of this event they fast and they also organized many social clubs which are known as krewes and each year these clubs will be formed in New Orleans
krewes are established specially for celebrating grandmasters on their parade and they are also true float riders as their traditional toes in the crowd the most common thing they throw are strings of colorful plastic beads the doubloons and it will also include decorated plastic moon Pisces and they also throw cups they also throw small toys which are not that expensive and they followed the parade

during this festival many tourists follow their carnival activity and this will be done in almost all mid-city districts and many people follow and get along with the carnival and they proceed the March kill the weekend this will be the largest carnivorous season activity done for the year they also make different types of costume-wearing mask music dancing and other costumes are one of the great sightseeing of this festival

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