Love Parade

Love Parade – Electronic Dance Music Festival of Berlin

Germany’s yearly Love Parade was the impermanent focus of the universe of electronic dance music during its two-decade run. First coordinated in 1989 in West Berlin via planetcom, an organization subsidiary with the dead E-Werk club; the parade had enrolled with the city as a political show for “harmony, satisfaction, and hotcakes”; and until 1997 had hung on the Kurf├╝rstendamm, Berlin’s principle shopping road. The main Love Parade comprised a few vans playing techno music for a horde of around 300 fans; however the occasion before long developed into a celebration that pulled in corporate sponsorship; weighty inclusion by MTV Europe, and a lot more onlookers; in 1997 appraisals of group size went from 750,000 to 1,500,000 individuals.

Love Parade - Electronic Dance Music Festival of Berlin
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Every year, Berlin specialists took steps to boycott the Love Parade for ecological or wellbeing reasons; and allows for the occasion had by 2006 gotten too hard to even think about getting; constraining its movement to the Ruhr area. Albeit the actual parade got a large portion of the media consideration; the genuine point for the fans was the many gatherings in close by clubs during the end of the week; when virtually every significant star of the electronic dance music world showed up. Coordinators finished the occasion after a deplorable rush at the 2010 Love Parade in Duisburg murdered 21 and harmed more than 500.

Berlin’s Love Parade will return in another organization one year from now.

Coordinators of a shiny new road party in Berlin, Rave The Planet, have declared that their introduction road parade will occur on the ninth July 2022, after Covid limitations constrained the group to drop the current year’s occasion.

The group behind RTP likewise affirmed that the dates for road parades in the coming years had gotten and enrolled with the general experts in Germany, and that ideally nothing “will hold up traffic of a unified and solid ‘we are one family’ soul.”

Rave The Planet is additionally a non-benefit association, upheld by techno legend and “father of the Love Parade”, Dr. Motte. In a new official statement, RTP laid out the association’s three significant objectives: to secure, advance and foster the way of life of electronic dance music in the entirety of its structures, to order the way of life of electronic dance music as an Immaterial Cultural Heritage under the UNESCO, and to set up the yearly road party, in view of the first upsides of Love Parade and “continuously intended for the 21st century”.

Rave Parties

You can discover more about Rave The Planet’s occasion. what’s more, look at their Instant Rave live streams occurring all through January, here.

Subsequent to dispatching in 1989, the Love Parade occurred across Germany in different urban areas including Berlin and Ruhr. The last Love Parade, which occurred in 2010, finished in misfortune after 21 individuals hadmurdered and around 500 others harmed following a rush caused due to congestion at the occasion.


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