Losar Festival Ladakh

About Losar Festival of Ladakh

Losar Festival Ladakh
Losar Festival Ladakh

Denoting the start of the Tibetan new year, Losar is a significant celebration of Ladakh. The Losar festival in Ladakh proceed for 15 long days and this Buddhist celebration falls about the hour of the colder time of year solstice any time somewhere in the range of eighth and 30th December.

On this one of the top celebrations in Ladakh, the size of the festival is enormous with various society dance and music exhibitions and get-together of many individuals at hallowed spots. Exceptional services have likewise held in various religious communities of Ladakh on Losar and the feel is very wonderful.

Houses have cleaned before the party starts and different food arrangements have done that have then imparted to friends and family during the celebration days. Contributions have made to Buddhist divine beings and goddesses both at home and at the religious communities in Losar. A parade called Metho just before Losar helped out through the roads, markets, and paths where individuals serenade sacrosanct mottos and convey blazing lights accepting that the serenade and the fire will avert every one of the insidious spirits.

Celebration Dates/Months : Anytime somewhere in the range of eighth and 30th December


Losar Festival had praised before the appearance of Buddhism in Tibet. The pre-Buddhist occasion discovers its underlying foundations in a colder time of year incense-copying custom of a religion. For many year at this point, it has been a practice for the Government and the Dalai Lama to counsel Nechung during the celebrations.

Losar Festival Celebrations

The celebrations for the Losar celebration in Ladakh keep going for around 15 days. A mixture of social events, conventional exhibitions, and furthermore antiquated customs are a fundamental piece of the New Year festivities. However, out of the 15 days, the initial three days are truly significant. However, Changkoi, a refreshment has produced using Chhaang right from the start. The day continues with the reciting of supplications in the cloister.

The subsequent day is known as the King’s Losar. Individuals assemble in the Hall of Excellence of Samsara and Nirvana. Agents from Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, and China. From the third day onwards priests alongside local people, join the festival.

Strangely the day of Losar covers with the Chinese New Year. Petition banners are in significant strict spots. However, old things are disposed of from the homes. Individuals enliven their home with best of luck signs. A few music events encourage individuals to be a piece of the festivals by moving however much they might want. Supper with family members is likewise a fundamental piece of the fun. Veiled dances look genuinely dynamite and appear to be so welcoming.

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Events of Losar in Ladakh :

Society dance and music exhibitions

Metho or night parade

Uncommon petitions in the cloisters

Gifts trade

An assortment of uncommon dishes

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