Lesser Known Festivals

List of lesser-known festivals in the first 6 months of the year

When one is looking for lesser-known festivals in India, there are a number of them that one may not have heard of.

Kite Festival – lesser-known festivals

Kite Festival - lesser-known festivals
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In the state of Orissa, the Kite Festival is one such event that one needs to look out for. It is celebrated in August and is believed to have been originated during the time of the Mauryas and the Portuguese. Here are some other lesser-known festivals in India.

Chisti Festival – lesser-known festivals

The Chisti Festival is observed in September and is dedicated to the Gods of Fire. There is a lot of festivities and plenty of firecrackers are set off to keep the deities involved. The fireworks are usually done in the evening and are set off to frighten away evil spirits. This festival is different from the ones that follow in October as it does not have any particular date as to when the festivities should start. However, it is still celebrated with great joy and gaiety.

Durga Pooja – lesser-known festivals

The celebrations connected with Durga Puja do not fall on any particular date. It is an occasion that is celebrated with all the passion and enthusiasm; that are associated with the Indian religion and culture. Durga Puja is a celebration of the goddess Durga; who is considered to be the most divine woman of all the Hindu gods. She is also known as the Goddess of wisdom and knowledge; and is considered to be the patron deity of learning. On this day women worship at the sites where Durga was born.

The second month of the Indian calendar is also celebrated with the same vigor and enthusiasm as Durga Puja. The month of November or Diwali is also a very famous festival in India when lights are let burn all around the city in a grand manner. Many renowned buildings and churches are setting on fire to celebrate this grand affair. Diwali gets to hit its peak from mid-October to early November.

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The third month of the Indian calendar is precisely termed Bhaiduj. This is the month of celebration of two divine festivals – the grand celebration of Durga Puja and Diwali. Both of these festivals bring in great cheer and happiness to the entire nation. The list of festivals that happen to fall on this month is similarly immense. The most common festivals celebrated here include the grand Durga Puja of Sankranti, Durga Puja, and Lohri festival; which happens to be a much talked about the festival in the Eastern part of India.


The fourth month of the Indian calendar is termed Mussoorie. This is the month of celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna. A lot of tributes are paid to the lord by his devotees; who throng to his ashram for prayers and hymns. Some of the popular icons of Lord Krishna are painted on this day. Diwali also falls on this day.

Asana Festival

The fifth month of the Indian calendar is otherwise called Asana Festival. It is a Hindu religious festival of discipline. It is a day set apart for ladies. There are several types of Asana practices, which have been deeply rooted during the period of Rig Veda. The participants take a bath before dawn and make a promise to follow the practice that the left arm holds.


The sixth month of the year is the month of Jodha-Laxmi. This is the month to worship the Mother Goddess. This list of festivals in India complies with the help of a local history book that is used as an oral source. Most of the festivals are based on the mythological themes of the original texts, while others are contemporary or regional.

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