La Tomatina festival: Celebrated in Spain

La Tomatina festival is for the people who love food because this festival is particularly for affinity for tomatoes and this festival makes the food lover for sleeping and sliding down the street which has been covered with fruits and another type of vegetables on the street this festival is celebrated by thousands of people in a town which is being located in the east side of Spain they celebrate this festival on an early occurrence and bye celebrating the festival they thank the tradition of la Tomatina food festival

Importance of La Tomatina festival

La Tomatina festival is mostly celebrated in Spain by thousands of people in the town
La Tomatina festival will be held on every year and it has great history e about this festival which will be celebrated in Spain and the most important sign of this festival is thousands of thousand people make their way from all corners of the world and fight in the world’s biggest food fight in this festival and the people gather themselves with huge number and they play with this rip tomatoes there will be 100 metric tons of over trip tomatoes that will be thrown on the streets.

Due to to the epidemic of coronavirus this festival has been cancelled and there are only limited people who are attending La Tomatina festival the person was staying near valencia the term in the Spain would participate in this game because the accommodation of people who comes to Lota Martina have been reduced due to the epidemic all over the world.

People celebrate this festival in huge number and with the preparation of the dirty that will ensue the shopkeepers will use use plastic covers on their store friends to protect their store from the Carnage people from all across the world make booking for tickets officially to participate on this festival and enjoy this festival this festival will be celebrated from morning 11:00 a.m. as around this time all the trucks hold the Monty of tomatoes into the centre of the town.

This tomato sauce comes from extremadura which are very less expensive and technically speaking this would not give possible to start until one brave soul has to climb on the top of two storey high and greased up wooden pole and reached the the coveted ham at the top this is the olden practice that the people in the Spain does this practice will take a long time and then they start to celebrate the festival after reaching the mighty price.

The first thing they do on this La Tomatina festival is fight in firing of water Cannon and the chaos begins once they start with the the fighting in firing of water then the battle is generally spreaded by every man himself

After playing for an hour the fighting will end this point there will be no more throwing of tomatoes and the cleaning process will start the use the fire trucks to spread on the streets and the water will be provided by Roman aqueduct to clean the streets and the other authorities will be more concerned about cleaning the town and then cleaning the visitors also.

Some people will get the water from the the the banal river to wash and this is the end of this festival by cleaning all the tomato pulp is flushed and the ground will become clean due to the acidity of the tomatoes
there are certain rules for celebrating this festival that we should not carry bottles or any hard objects because that may cause any accidents or hurt other people

we should not rip the other people’s t-shirt and M2 matters before throwing them as this will reduce the impact of stains
should also make sure that we have a certain distance from the lorries who are putting tomatoes on us
and one of the most important things we should notice is that when we hear the second shot we should there stop throwing tomatoes.

La Tomatina festival is one of the popular festivals because this tomato fight has been a strong tradition in butanol since 1944 and it has also certain events to celebrate this format in a festival it is one of the local food fights among their friends and it is a practical joke on a bad musician and the energetic aftermath of an accidental lorries spillage.

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