Kwahu Festival

Kwahu Festival – Ghana Tourist Potential

Kwahu festival: Over the last couple of decades the bounds of tourism have grown to comprise festivals, both cultural and environmental attractions. However, the advantages of this development have not widely researched. These include bringing tourists who subsequently make donations to the evolution of the community. And stimulating the diffusion and commemoration of local culture in addition to festivals and custom.

I ran study to comprehend the repercussions of festival tourism around the Profession funding of the individuals of Kwahu at Ghana. I looked at just how festival tourism in the area brings economic benefits to companies and the community. Additionally, I wished to recognize that the ill-effects of festival tourism (if any).

Ghana has many festivals in its own 16 administrative areas that attract both national and global tourists. The Kwahu Easter Festival stands out as one that has shaped festival tourism in Ghana due to its successful performance through recent years. The festival occurs throughout the Easter period. Called that Kwahu Easter and Paragliding Festival, it stretches more than three times and involves a variety of activities. These include paragliding and street carnivals.

I discovered that the festival has attracted community cohesion in addition to economic advantages. But it has also attracted negative societal benefits and social cost to the occupants.

Tourism is reportedly the fourth largest international exchange earner for Ghana. The economy benefits tremendously from tourism and tourism-related pursuits. Recognition of this has rising within the nation, as is evident from the truth that direction classes have contained in universities and higher education associations.

Advantages and challenges of Kwahu festival

I interviewed 398 residents, around 18 years old, residing in the catchment communities of Kwahu festival. These comprised Mpraeso, Abetifi, Nkawkaw, Obo, Obomeny and Atibie. Almost 60% participated in the holiday season.

The residents said that they saw the festival as a means of creating community cohesion and growth of social conveniences. While the financial benefits weren’t the principal motives for its holding of this festival, many use it to maximize their earnings. People who did so stated they made considerable financial gains.

It was also obvious that the festival fostered pride and unity.

There were, nevertheless, also some unwanted outcomes. This included traffic congestion, higher crime rate, overcrowding, sexual abuse, prostitution, sound pollution, and stress on public services and public utilities.

The strain on infrastructure have identified as growth in the help of the authorities, electricity and water supply to the companies and houses, ambulance services and paramedics, fire support amongst others.

What next

The conclusion I reached in my study was that festival tourism is an important catalyst for economic action. And that it has to be given more concentrated attention.

A number of festivals are still celebrated in the traditional fashion. This usually means they don’t contain amusement. Examples include outdoor musical events, open mic nights, live show, film theaters, carnival, athletic events and specific food offerings. This usually means that outsiders are not drawn, limiting the effects of the event.

Additionally, the unwanted ramifications of festival tourism ought to be in the forefront of government and stakeholder focus. Problems include: the overuse of general infrastructure, the effect on local inhabitants of a growth in the expense of products and servicesand improper tourist behavior and crime.

Players, such as the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Ghana Tourism Authority and traditional staples, should make certain they know the drive and pull factors of festival tourism improved.

To begin with, the Ghana Tourism Authority should ensure festivals do not erode entrenched traditional principles. It ought to put in place steps to decrease the unwanted effects of these festivals. As an instance, supplying awareness programmes which will educate attendees in addition to keeping traditional values of their custodians of this festival. They also must educate the general public concerning the ecological effects of actions.

Second, it is critical that government agencies like the Ghana Tourism Authority, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture in addition to traditional rulers and festival organisers variable the positive gains in addition to the negative effects of festivals to the planning and construction of these occasions.

Ghana stands to enjoy tremendous gains if its cultural heritage could be promoted effectively through tourism.

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