Kite Festival 2021

Kite Festival is one of the best and most popular festivals celebrated internationally and it is mostly celebrated in India during Makar Sankranti this festival will continue until January 15 this is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by India during every year of Makar Sankranti there is also and holiday de date is a public holiday given to the people to celebrate this festival and this festival is largely celebrated in Gujarat have a great entertainment.

Everything to know about kite festival:

mostly they celebrate this festival at the beginning of winter and which turns until Samar n this festival is celebrated in India according to Indian calendar it is celebrated at the beginning of new harvest season
all the kite lovers will participate in this game at the beginning itself they make all the preparation for the festival before its arrival and they also make beautiful kites filled with flowers and participate in buying their supplies

this kite festival is celebrated in every part of the country and it is celebrated in many cities but it is most popularly celebrated in Gujarat Telangana Rajasthan and many other states this is also known as an international kite festival which is been organized by Ahmedabad the best place to celebrate this festival and to enjoy this entertainment is Sabarmati river fort which is situated in Ahmedabad police stadium

this celebrate this festival to Mark and show the awakening of gods from the deep sleep this is also known as one of the traditional festivals of people from their olden days and it is a tradition for them to fly a kite which was initially started by their kings in India and this was also followed by many nawabs to support the sport entertaining programs they also celebrate this festival to encourage people and display their skills and power

this kite flying festival is one of the international festivals which was first celebrated in the year 1989 when people from all across the world participated and showed their talent and skills in flying the kites then later on kite flying on January 14 starts as early as morning 5 a.m. and it will go until the late night and this festival will be e accommodated approximately with 8 to 10 million people who participate in this hole kite festival this festival also has great importance and significance of their theories and regional beliefs

there are a large crowd of people who will see their artwork at this kite festival and this year is celebrated every year and in India, it is customary to fly a kite on 14th January sometimes we see Mars kites festival are held during some of the festivals and we can find many people flying kites on the roof of their homes on this day the whole sky is filled with colorful kites

especially in Gujarat, this festival has more value because it is also one of the world-famous festivals which had been doing in India and we can see on this day particularly many people fly different types of kites on the roof and this is also organized internationally ee by many people from January 7 until 15th of January there is also a tourist who come and join along with this to celebrate this festival they will come from places like Japan Malaysia Singapore and Russia to see this great entertainment of people flying different types of kite

this kite festival is also celebrated in different parts of India in Jaipur people celebrate this festival as a big celebration and they celebrate this on the last 3 days
and on this day a large number of people were gathered at the pole ground in Jaipur and then they make the best quotes from all over the worlds demonstrate their skill by flying the kites this is one of the best scenes to see in the sky of flying kites with beautiful colors

there is also used celebration done in Punjab for this kite festival and it is celebrated in Punjab during Basant Panchami and everyone flies a colorful kite in their fields and as they celebrate this festival they will also be given with the prices for having the best kite among one another
there is also a grand kite festival which is being celebrated in Telangana all song people among 40 countries take part in this kite festival which will be held mostly from 13 to 15 January and they will be provided with food stalls and another exhibition is also in Telangana

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