KarwaChauth festival of love

KarwaChauth festival of love: Hinduism is the oldest religion in India. India is the land of festivals. There are numerous festivals in India.

KarwaChauth festival of love
KarwaChauth festival of love

It comprises nearly 15- 16% of the Global Population. In the Hindu Religion Worship of a single god is not prevalent. The trinity gods are the most important, as they play an important role in the creation, preservation or protection, and destruction of this Universe.

Festivals differ in nature, traditions, customs, and heritage. Every festival shares a different social message to mankind. Since every festival that exist in this world has its own significance, reason, and importance. Festivals are events that irreplaceale by any other event in human life.

Festival is an event that fills light, color, happiness, and joy in the life of human beings.


KarwaChauth is a Hindu Festival that is extensively cherish by North India and other Indian states. This is celebrated by the married women of Hindu and Sikh religions. It is also a festival for unmarried girls as well.

On this auspicious day, married women pray to the god for well-being, long life, health, and success of their husband. It is very special in the life of every married couple.

In the legends and mythologies of the Hindu religion, many ladies were born who fought with their fate and even with the lord of death Yama, for the life of their husbands.

Some examples of such women areSita Devi, Draupadi, Ahalya, Tara, Mandodari, Sulochana, Mata Anusya, Radha Devi, Rukmini, Savithri, Daymayanti, Lopamudra, Kannagi, Sukanya, and many others.


KarwaChauth is celebrated every year. In 2021 it will commence on Sunday, 24th October. On this day married and unmarried women undergo fasting from sunrise till they see the moon.

Fasting ritual is dominantly present in the many Indian States such as Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Union Territories like Jammu and Kashmir, and as wellas NCR Delhi.

Preparationfor every festival begins a few days before the celebration of the actual festival. People start shopping for many items that are necessary for the celebration of the festival.

The same happens during the KarwaChauth, women buy jewelry, puja items, adornments, lams, henna, red bangles, and the puja thali. Festival lightens up the local markets and brings happiness in the life of common people.

On this day women from entire North India raise early in the dawn and have some food. However, this food can vary depending upon the region.

On the day of KarvaChauth women don’t even drink water. They bear all these things just to ensure that there is no trouble in the life of their husband. In the evening women perform all the necessary rituals. They do puja, give water to a tree, and tie a holy thread all around the tree. These rituals may vary depending upon the region.

According to a story whenever a soldier goes on a war for his king and kingdom, whereas their wives will have a fast to pray for the well-being and safe return of their husband.

In India, there is one more legend or ritual that is wide popular. Whenever a girl gets married she goes to a completely different and new house, she had to build new relations with everyone.


During the marriage of a girl she is bond along with another girl, this is to have psychological support. Whereas the other girl will belong to the same place where she is married. But she does not have any connection with the family. By this ritual, they both share the relationship of sisters. They can also be psychological support to each other.

It is the largest and biggest film industry in India. Bollywood industry is ruled by Kapoors, Khans, Bhatt’s, Chopras, and few others.

In recent time we have seen the rise of many talented people. Bollywood is now witnessing the growth and development of young talented, and well deserving actors and actresses.

Bollywood played an important role in the spread of theKarvaChauth festival in many parts of the country. KarvaChauth festival is shown in famous movie DDLJ, as well as in Baghban movie and many other movies.

Due to this now a day celebration of KarvaChauth festival is not limited to North India. KarvaChauth festival is celebrated with the same joy all over the country.

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Conclusion on KarwaChauth festival of love:

KarvaChauth festival has a special place in the heart and life of every Indian Woman who follows the Hindu religion. Women perform this festival, its rituals with at most faith and spiritually. Whereas men really acknowledge this feeling and emotion of their wife.

Man tries to keep their wife happy and gives them gifts and avoids doing any mistake on this day that can annoy their wife.

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