Kali Puja- Celebration and Rituals

Kali Puja is also popularly known as Shyama Puja or Mahan Nisha Puja it is a festival that is the largest letter celebrated in India as a subcontinent and this Puja is specially dedicated to the Hindu god is known as kali this festival is mostly celebrated on the new moon day of Hindu month calendar and it is specially celebrated in the region of Bengal and Mithila Odisha Assam and also in the state of Maharashtra

this Kali Puja is extremely very popular especially in income look Barasat and Naihati this Puja takes place with the other Puja known as Lakshmi puja on the day of Diwali and Puja is for the worship of goddess Kali
this Puja han is worshipped by many of the people but the rest of the Puja of Lakshmi will be celebrated by the people of India and Nepal who worship the goddess Lakshmi on Diwali

Kali Puja History:

this post has been started from the ancient time as a festival and it started practically from 16th century infamous age Krishnan the na agambagish who first started to worship Kali puja and this Puja will be celebrated annually as a festival to dedicate the goddesses known as kali and during the 18th century this Puja was also continued with Raja Krishna Chandra of Krishnanagar Nadia West Bengal and from then onwards this Puja became very popular and it was spread all over the country this Puja has also given use popularity since 1970

Kali Puja is one of the best festivals that to be celebrated especially by the people of Bengal this Puja will be held by very wealthy landowners UN on a grand scale this Puja is known to be one of the best Puja to be celebrated all across the country almost all the people on this day celebrate this festival by dedicating the Hindu goddess Kali and it is also a national holiday during this Kali Puja

this Puja has great importance significance and history according to Hinduism because this Puja is a religious festival which is particularly the schachter community where the Khali is the first of the ten female who is very energize like Shiva and this Khali has many aspects known for variously as Daksh in siddha Bhadra smashan raksha and Mahakali we see that Khali appears in the most dreadful aspect and it has been widely worshipped by the people she is shown as dark for arm and wearing a string of human heads with blood still dripping from them

this Khali is a three eyed woman with one eye in the centre of her forehead she also stands on the chest of Shiva and it is encircled by her worshippers according to many e legends it is said that Khali was born from the body of bhagavathi and the gods had been defeated by the demands then to answer to their prayers the goddess Kaushik ki appeared from the body of bhagavati and this Kaushik is also appeared as a dark appearance and named as kali she then slaughtered the devil’s who is known to be Shubha

and Shubha then Kali was named as Chamundi because she killed the two followers of the months who were popularly known as Chanda and Munda then Kali is also a non Aryan goddesses while the others play most of the diet is during the day Kali puja takes place specially at 9 because the people in Hindu believe that this night is a worship originated in the secret rights of non Aryans and Kali is worshipped daily but this special poojas will take place only on the New moon of Kartik

these goddesses also have different names as per the character that she had done as a fighter and so on and there are various people who also perform this Puja jointly and usually we see goats sheep for buffaloes will be sacrificed during this Kali puja and it is believed that Khali and Joyce eating the meat of goat and sheep or buffaloes during this might so the slaughter this animals and sacrifice for their goddess in order to please her

and the famous festival aur Puja will take place specially at night and there is also a number of Kali temples available in other parts of Bangladesh and other parts of India as well as it is a huge Puja celebrated by most of the Indian people

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