Kala Ghoda Festival 2021

Kala Ghoda Festival is popularly known as a festival which is celebrated annually this festival is celebrated for 9 days long and this festival will always start on the first Saturday of February and the closing date of this festival will be the 2nd Sunday in February this festival are largely celebrated in South Mumbai which is a state in India and this festival has grown in stature and popularity during this festival people participate and show the talent in Arts and all the visitors come from other parts of the country and they will also come from all across the world

Kala Ghoda Festival will be organized by the Kala Ghoda Association which is one of the nonprofit organization that States its objective as physically upgrading the Kala Ghoda making the art district of Mumbai there is an accurate team available for this event this team handles each of the 12 sections of this festival generally there are 12 sessions held in this concept

Different Sections in the Kala Ghoda Festival :

there are various sections in this Kala Ghoda Festival which include visual arts Dance music theatre cinema literature and this event also includes children’s literature as a subsection there are also a workshop Heritage walk urban design and architecture foot and a dedicated section for children and different state section which also includes stores selling eco-friendly product and handmade craft are also sold craft Where are also done in this festival

there are no entry fees charged for this event and there are also various sponsorships available in this festival to sponsor and corporate in this festival for various events to be held and this sponsors help for all the cost that has been invested to make a value in this Auditorium there is also an Auditorium which is called as National Gallery of Modern Art and in this Auditorium, the events will be conducted this Museum is there in Mumbai

Kala Ghoda Festival is a big place to conduct this popular event and there is a Tata Store at army and Navy building the max Bhavan gallery in this place is also the events will be held in Max Bhavan gallery the entire Street area of kaikasharu Dubash marg a rest of the place is for parking lot this place is popularly known as Rampart row

this place will be held closed during the festival because of the heavy traffic involved because of the last people were entering this concept the entire area will be becoming a street Mela with all most all types of variety of food stalls at Asian selling their creations their artist who sketch instant portraits and pictures there are also Street art installation and so on this is one of the biggest festivals that has been expanded beyond the Kala Ghoda recent and there are also various events held in cross maidan and Horniman circle as well

Kala Ghoda Festival will have great success in making 8 one of the best festivals and this festival will also encourage many young people and also the people who were interested in crafts to encourage and setting up of several art activities and cultural festivals at the time of that festival

at this event most of the people participate in this event and showcase their talent and usually this festival will be held when the weather in Mumbai is very cool and when the night comes very soon this festival will also include some of the Mumbai festival which will be celebrated in Bandra and kitab festival which has been started from 2007 this festival is one of the best festival to feature and make people notice the the talent in arts music throughout different people in different places all across the globe

hence Kala Ghoda festival will show an encourage the people who have great talent in them about out pictures and music people in this country and out of the country who did not get a platform to show their talent but in India they show you a platform they give you a platform so that you can showcase your talent in which our you are perfect in this festival will not only help for young people but it is also give equal importance to children also here children can also make any things that they are special in it and can show their talents in various fields all across the country

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