Interesting History of Ugadi-Gudi Padwa

Interesting History of Ugadi: Ugadi is also known as Yugadi Or Samvastsaradi it is a festival. It is an important and historic festival for the Hindus. Since it is the new year day for the states in India of Andhra Pradesh, karnataka and Telangana(Hyderabad).

Interesting History of Ugadi
Interesting History of Ugadi

It’s is famous as Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. But sometimes it’s often a Gregorian day earlier because the lunar day starts and ends in the Hindu calendar to the position of the moon. The festival has the name Yugadi in Karnataka. And new year in Hindu religion in some states of India

However, on this day they do drawing colorful patterns on the floor called Rangoli. And Mango leaf decorations on the door called Torana buying. And giving new clothes, giving charity, gifts, special bath on oil, visiting Hindu temples, preparing. Also apart from these sharing a special food called pachadi (festival food) with all flavors like sweet, Salty, sour, bitter, piquant and astringent (hot and spicy). It’s a symbol to remind that one must accept all kinds of flavors if experience in the coming new years.

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The greetings in Kannada as Yugadi Habbada Shubhaashayagallu (greeting for the festival of yugadi) or also called as Hosa Varshada shubhaashayagallu (greetings on the new year).

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