Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day

Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day: Valentine’s Day is a one-day long festival. It is celebrated in every part of this country annually. In 2021 Valentine’s Day is falling on Sunday. It is a special day for couples and for those who like or love each other.

There are different festivals that are very prevalent and people love celebrating them. Valentine’s Day is one of them. Even though opposition arises for the celebration of Valentine’s Day every year in India. Also, in many Asian Countries but Valentine’s Day had not lost its charm and popularity among millions of youth.

Festivals are the event which will bring happiness, joy, excitement, and lightens up the life of a human being. Festivals are an important source and the easiest way to bring people close to each other.

There are tons of festivals that have the ability to bring people close to each other. By removing or making them forget their differences and misunderstandings.

Festival also spread and expands some kind of positive vibes. It spreads positivity in the life of every human being. Festivals also pave the way for many countries to enhance their culture. And to show or exhibit their culture, tradition, customs, heritage, and living standards to this world.


This beautiful and magnificent world in which we live together had seen numerous ups and downs. This world had been ruled and governed by many oppressed rulers who had used their power for the fulfillment of their own desire, and wishes.

But during the reign of these oppressed kings and leaders, this world had also witnessed many noble people, and saints who stood against these oppressed kings. They contributed to uplifting the situation of this world. They played an important and immenserole in helping people.

Saint Valentine was a widely recognized 3rd– century Roman saint. Who commemorated in the Christianity on 14th February. Also, He has been with a tradition of courtly love since the High Middle Ages.

Saint Valentine is the patron saint of epilepsy. Since he was martyred. And his body is in a Christian cemetery on the Ponte Milvio to the north of Rome. On 14th February, this is observed as the feast of Saint Valentine since 496 AD.

The place where his relics are kept (in the Church and Catacombs of San Valentino in Rome), remains an important pilgrimage site for millions of Christians who follow the Christianity religion.

He was charge with the death penalty for going against the Roman Emperor and for not obeying his order.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s Day is also popularly as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. This day has cultural, social, and historical importance in this world.

Prior to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, the complete week is full of celebrations with several other events. These including Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and finishes with Valentine’s Day.

However, during the whole week from 7th February to 14th February. Since each and every day is different.

  • On Rose Day couples or people who like each other, greet themselves with a Red Rose, as Red Rose is the symbol of love in the present world.
  • Propose Day people propose their partner with a rose or a ring and the other person is free to accept or reject the proposal.
  • On Chocolate Day people send various Chocolates to their loved ones. To exhibit or show their love towards their Partner.
  • On teddy Day people send and receive teddies from each other. Teddy is the most famous soft toy among many girls.
  • On Promise day couples and lovers promise each other, that they will not leave each other and will beside each other in the difficult times supporting each other.
  • On Hug Day people give hugs to their dearest and loved ones.
  • Kiss Day, a golden day in the life of every couple to kiss and makeup. The kiss on the forehead signifies and symbolizes your care towards your partner, so do remember to kiss on her forehead.
  • Finally, all these efforts sums-up on Valentine’s Day. On this day you can gift or give an amazing and creative surprise to your partner that he or she cannot imagine or have thought off.

The History behind the celebration of Valentine’s Day:

Saint Valentine lived in the 3rd Century during the reign of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire is one of the largest Empires of this world. Once a Roman Emperor issued an order that no soldier of his army should marry.

Many influenced people did not had the courage to oppose this mad decision of the Roman Emperor, where-as Saint Valentine opposed this decision of the Emperor.

He some-how started to organize the marriages of the people who loved each other, and he also manages to somehow arrange the marriages of the soldiers who served in the army of the mad Roman Emperor.

But this noble deed of Saint Valentine couldn’t be hidden for a long time. On knowing this Roman Emperor decided to teach the saint a lesson that he cannot forget.

He captured the saint, tortured him for a long time, and finally, he decided to kill the saint by giving him the death penalty.

Saint Valentine was martyred on 14th February. To remember the contributions of Saint Valentine, The day of 14th February is for this remembrance.

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Whenever the evil or oppressor raises his head, he will be somehow opposed by the people or a person. Whom he had not considered of any importance. Contributions of the Saints and the Noble persons will be a significant mark in the time of history. And will be honored for the ages to come.

So Here are the Interesting facts about Valentine’s Day. Do let us know you views on this in the comment section below.

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