Importance of Festivals 2021

festivals are event ordinary celebrated by a large number of community and centring on some of the characteristic aspect of that particular committee like religion or cultural and festivals is often marked as a local or national holiday for our every festival has a constitutes that is typically in cases of globalisation for having a well as the high culture low culture and the relationship and there is one of the most significant think to celebrate

the festival has significant origin is agriculture as we all know that food is a such a vital resource that is available that many festival are associated with harvest time and there are many religious commemoration and Thanksgiving for having a good harvest and blended in events that has to take place in autumn like there are also various other festivals like Halloween in the Northern hemisphere and Easter in the southern and all the festival of insert to fulfill the specific communal purposes specially in regard in to commemoration for Thanksgiving to the gods and goddesses or saints

Protocols of Festivals:

there are various protocols of festivals that has been available for people who are celebrating different types of festival they provide great type of entertainment and this all festivals are particularly important to our local communities before the advent of mass produced entertainment the main focus of festivals is on cultural or ethic topic and it is also to seek and inform community members of their tradition and religion about the involvement of elders and sharing their stories and having a great experience by providing a means for unity among

families festival has been carried out from the ancient Greece time and Roman time all the festivals are are closely associated with social organisation and political process as well as religion but now in modern Times we find that festivals will be attended by strangers and tourists as well the people who are more attracted to some of the ascentrik aur historical festivals 1 and there are also many festival that day is celebrated every year and has a least one specific that can be celebrated by more than 4000 major and minor festivals in the country and most of the festival depends on catholic and in village level

however there are also various other celebration that has heavily criticized by the National list and like people celebrate for extra agent and wasteful of public funds and corruption and sensitivity to poverty there are also various other festivals that takes Plus and also has a religious holiday the festival was used as an adjective from the late 14th century and this was recorded as a first used as a noun and there was also as use of work and there are various other festivals that his last is celebrated for me and they often refers to the religious people rather than a film or an art festival

mostly the festival has religious origins and cultural and religious significance in traditional activity the most important religion that has been celebrated all across the globe is as Christian as rosh Haryana Diwali Eid ul fitr and Eid ul adha which has been marked to serve out every year and there are also other harvest festivals that is celebrated on a seasonal change like there are various events that is available in historical significance like

there is important military victories or other nation building events that also provide the impetus for festival and an early example for festival has been established since the ancient Egyptian time of Pharaoh for celebrating his victory over the libyans and there are also various other festivals celebrated by many countries as a royal holidays and there are also festivals that take place for agriculture holiday about the harvest time and this festival is carried out every year and they are number

and different types of festivas available by different types of religious community as per their religious beliefs and traditions and there are many religion who has a great history and significance about its own religious and most celebrated festival each festival has great history and great significance and role that has played by the and sisters and the people who first celebrated all this festivals hence festivals are one of the important event that can be recorded in the history of people celebrating and also a reminding all the young people at history to play a perfect on particular festivals that can be carried out in particular places.

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