Hornbill Festival- Events

Hornbill festival is of the most popular and longest festivals of music in the country and this is one of the best music festivals that is being celebrated for over 20 years and this festival is immersed in the unique and colorful Nagar tribal dance food music and folklore all this is available only in one place
this is one of the best festivals that could be enjoyed by any tourist and it health tourism adepartment that has announced that the tenth-day annual Hornbill festival will be held every year

due to the Pandemic all around the world, this hornbill festival was not celebrated during the last year and it was announced by the state cabinet that they have decided to comments this festival following this year

Hornbill festival celebrated in….

Hornbill festival is largely celebrated in Nagaland and they also celebrate this day in number of days and it was announced by the the standard operating procedure that issued the medical department and home department would follow strictly about the health and give utmost importance for the people of health and further it was also said that department will be processing about the work of modalities and beside holding the festival the virtual form decides participation of foreign and domestic tourist in the festival will be included as well and they also said further about the number of days for the festival that would be commenced.

there are many notification that has been issued by october 2020 that it was issued for tourism department to make the preparation of hornbill festival and set if there is any misconception in the large gathering at Naga Heritage Village then the secretary clarified the notification was only for annual processing of the village and not the spirit for large gathering during this festival they celebrate this festival for ten day long every year they start this festival in December 1st and make a use entertainment programs

almost all the people across the world join this festival and celebrate the music festival across the country but this year they have issued certain guidelines that has to be followed by tourist and other people who are joining this festival

people all across the world participate in this festival and celebrate it with joy and great entertainment all the music lovers will love to do to this festival and in this festival, they also include dances various types of styles costumes and different types of food would be provided during this festival for the people who are attending this concert
the tourist who attained this festival will have long life memories for this festival

Events in Hornbill festival

various events would this festival and they will be colorful dances and songs to make people entertain with all colorful events some religious ceremonies and Parades could be held during this festival and each tribe will have their ceremonial performance with very beautiful and delivered eccentric manner there are also many traditional dan much traditional dance performance and there is also a kit representation of the cultural heritage of Nagaland

Hornbill festival also includes various sports craft dances fashion shows and they also include beauty competition and it could be enjoyed by a number of people who attend this festival and all this concerts are done to increase and bring out the competitive spirit in people this festival also include various food fair games songs musical concerts and entertainment to keep the lively spirit of celebrating music

There are also many other things that are available during this festival there are also traditional artwork woodcrafts handicrafts paintings and wood carvings are also displayed in this events there are also many exhibition of sales to sell the art piece that are held on this concept and there are also herbal medicine shops or stores that has been displayed which flower shows and there are also various food stalls that have various and different varieties of food including the traditional food and there are also traditional archery e and Naga wrestling

And other athletes sports the main highlight of this festival is where is local and international artist participate in this festival and perform various types of Kohima and Dimapur they celebrate this concept all throughout the night

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