Hazrat Ali's Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday-Islam is one of the largest religions. It is the most followed religion after Christianity. Prophet Muhammad is the most important personality in Islam. He is the last Prophet.

Hazrat Ali is one of the most important companions of Prophet Muhammad. It is celebrated with great joy and happiness in all Islamic Countries and many European countries.

Hazrat Ali’s birthday is celebrated in many countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, France, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and many more.

It is an optional holiday or restricted holiday in many states of India. He is a respected figure in both Shia, and Sunni sects of Islam. 

Hazrat Imam Ali History:

Hazrat Imam Ali was born to Abu Talib and his mother was Fatima bintAsad. It is believed that Imam Ali was born inside the Kaba in Mecca. He was a cousin to Prophet Muhammad. Later he married Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Fatimah RadiAllahtala anha and become the son-in-law of the Prophet.

His sons are Imam Hasan, Imam Husayn, Zaynabbint Ali, and Umm Kulthumbint Ali. People of both Shia and Sunni sects of Islam believe that he was the rightful person to be the Caliph of Islam.

His descendant’s from the Fatimah RadiAllahtala anha daughter of Prophet Muhammad is known as Sayyid’s. Hazrat Imam Ali is the first and rightful person from the Family of Prophet Muhammad. And his family members as rightful members to be Caliph of Islam religion.

Hazrat Imam Ali is the 4th Caliph. And Imam of Islam religion and then his sons are rightful. And the chosen ones from the almighty Allah.

He had been the companion of Prophet Muhammad for a long time. He had fought many wars and turned the results in favor of Islam. But with courage and his extraordinary military skills, he turned the results on his side.

He had been known by many names, titles, and that are Al Murtaza (The Chosen One), Amir al-Muminin (Commander of the Faithful Ones), Babe Madinatul-Ilm (Door of City of the Knowledge), Abu Turab (Father of the Soil”), Asad Allah (Lion of God), Haydar (Braveheart or Lion) and Walad al-Kabah (Son of the Kaaba).

Hazrat Imam Ali’s Sword – Hazrat Ali’s Birthday

The Sword of Hazrat Imam Ali is Zulfiqar. Hazrat Imam Ali fought many battles which include the Battle of Badr, Battle of Uhud, Battle of Khandaq, Battle of Khaybar, Battle of Jamal, Battle of Siffin, and Battle of Nahrawan.

During the battle of Khaybar, Hazrat Imam Ali led the Muslim forces to victory. And once again proved the strength of his sword and his excellence in military tactics.

Imam Ali is the first person who accepted Islam from the Prophet Muhammad. He was an integral part of Prophet Muhammad’s army; he took part and also led the army of Muhammad in various battles.

Hazrat Ali and Prophet Muhammad ave said to be the same tree, and both hold high regard and valuable positions in the Islam religion. Hazrat Ali had attacked and wounded in Kufa. The sword with which Imam Ali was wounded had poison coated. 

Hazrat Imam Ali kindness:

Hazrat Imam Ali a symbol of kindness, rightfulness, and mercy. Since he instructed Hazrat Imam Hasan to let the assassinator go if he survived. if he doesn’t survive his assassinator should be hit or killed in only one equal hit.

 This shows his determination to be right and does justice even with his assassinator till his last breath.

However, the people of Islam will never forget the sacrifices done by Imam Ali for the sake of Islam and the entire community.  

His assassination showed the wrongful, misrule, repression, highhandedness, desperateness of the Umayyad dynasty to rule the entire Islamic World and declare them as a Caliph.

This event led all the Muslims to uphold Imam Ali as the face of faithfulness, bravery, and as an excellent leader.

The Assassination of Imam Ali led to widespread. And the rapid growth in the number of his followers all over the world and in the entire Islamic World. 

Hazrat Imam Ali has a special place and emotions in heart of Muslims. However, he will always be an important personality, his place in heart of people is irreplaceable even after thousands, or millions of years.

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