All About guca trumpet festival 2021

guca trumpet festival 2021

Guca is known for the “World’s Trumpet Capital”. The Guca hosts the Brass Band Festival, one of the most popular music events and the most famous trumpet contests. It has been held since 1961. Around 1.000.000 people visit Dragacevo every August for 6 days of festival. The air has filled by the sounds of trumpets and smell of grilled meat. Guca Festival is never boring. The opening song, “Sa Ovcara i Kablara”, has followed by the brass bands walking down the streets to perform their songs and inviting everyone to join them in dancing and having a good time.

Today orchestras from Serbia and around the world travel to Guca to compete to be the best orchestra or solo performer. There are many cultural and art programs that follow the festival, but the main event is the announcement by the Golden trumpet.

You will be back next year because of the unforgettable experience and unique atmosphere full of sound and fun.

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Guca has known for its Assembly of Trumpet Players, which has the world’s largest trumpet festival. World-famous festival has become the traditional Dragacevo Trumpet, whose cult was kept alive for almost two centuries regardless of social and political considerations. The trumpet is the reason Serbia’s name has been resounding across all continents. Competitors in trumpet playing are virtuoso musicians. They are largely self-taught. They play by ear, quite spontaneously, and rely on their musical memories. Their music reaches out to their listeners precisely because they do this. Each year, the Guca Sabor (Gathering), of Trumpet Players grows. This musical feast of national skills is now more popular, diverse, and larger than ever.

Host of Guca festival

Guca, a traditional host, has gained a reputation for organizing Assemblies and is now attracting high interest from lovers of ethno music. Guca has an internationally recognized trumpet capital and a unique corner of positive energies. It’s a place full of joy, gaiety, spontaneity and accumulated joy. The piercing, yet gentle sound of a trumpet makes it a place of healing the heart and soul. This is enough to draw people from all over the world to Guca, including China, Spain, Greece and Denmark.

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