Gandhi Jayanti

Gandhi jayanti is a great event that is celebrated in India and it is celebrated in India as a mark the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi and this jayanti is celebrated annually on 2nd October and this Gandhi jayanti as a birthday of Mahatma Gandhi is one of the three national holidays that is given by India and as per the reports the UN general assembly has also announced on the 15th June 2007

as this Gandhi jayanti is adopted a resolution to declare 2nd October as a holiday and this will be celebrated as the international day of nonviolence as we know that Gandhiji was known as a father of nation

and he was also given various titles one among them was she was given the title of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who fought restlessly and struggle for the independence of India and there is also where is statues that is made in India of Gandhiji so that people would celebrate this Gandhi jayanti and honour him with great inauguration and celebration

they also celebrate this Gandhi jayanti to honour Mahatma Gandhi as a good role that has played in Indian independence there are also various other events and speeches and programs that will be held during this day especially in schools colleges and other politicians groups

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrated for…..

this Gandhi Jayanti is mostly celebrated during school and children will be having a great time on this day because children will be given various costumes of Gandhiji so that they can become Gandhi and give a good speech about his struggle and there also many great leaders who celebrate this Gandhi Jayanti that is his birthday as a great leader there are a lot of things that can be done on this day and celebrate Gandhi Jayanti bye wishes images quotes status messages and various photos of Gandhi and mark his birthday and we find that now it is celebrated as an international day of nonviolence which has been adopted by the general assembly in the year 2007

as we know that Mahatma Gandhi who is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been remembered specially for his great soul and specially for his non-violence fight and as he was born on 2nd October 1868 after his death the great the birthday of this great leader and honour him by celebrating his birthday and and it is also showing him one of the pioneers of Indian struggle for independence that he has done as a father of nation and there are also various other events that could be held during this Gandhi jayanti

as the Gandhi had walked the path of nonviolence and preached nonviolence throughout his life and he also established a good nonviolence environment with his struggle for freedom and he also fought against social evils like racism and cash system and he also fought against the the untouchability his methods were very simple and his words very very good he always advise all the people of India to remain devil and even today and his birthday is observed as international day of nonviolence

because of his great non violence practice that he has done throughout his life this occasion will also remembered and celebrated for his great sold and his great teachings that he has given for all the people of India specially for small children who will grow with his good ideas and preachers of nonviolence and by celebrating this Gandhi jayanti people also wishes him and greet him with great harmony and sympathy

he always follow the path of truth and wisdom so he was called as the father of nation till today
Gandhi was one of the great Hero who was made to an hour of defeat

and his birthday is described as one of the best days for nonviolence act and one of the great heroes for nonviolence act and as he was born on this day that is 2nd October 1869 in Gujarat Porbandar City e while growing there he always expressed his feelings and desire about patriotism and United India so according to his thoughts and ideologies they all work towards the fight to freedom which is always being considered as one of the best Nations tallest leader for independence movement

because of his nonviolence act he was loved by most of the people in India and till know the people will follow him and celebrate his birthday as one of the great locations in entire India

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