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FESTIVALS IN CHRISTIANITY: Christianity is an Abrahamic Religion. It is based on the teachings of Jesus. Its followers are popular as Christians. People believe that Jesus Christ is their Messiah. Jesus was born as son of Mary and Joseph.

Christianity is the largest religion in this world. Their holy book is Bible. Teachings of Jesus Christ have recorded. Many western countries have majority of their population who follows Christianity.

Jesus Christ was crucified in Jerusalem, Judea, in time of Roman Empire. Jerusalem is one of the major holy places in Christianity.

Jerusalem has considered among the top places in major religion of this world. And they are Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Today scholars from all over the world agree that Jesus Christ existed.

In Christianity Jesus Christ has considered as the son of god and their messiah but in Islam religion – the name is Isa ibn Maryam which means son of Maryam.

He has considered as the prophet of god, messenger of god, and the messiah who had sent to guide the children of Israel. According Islam there are 4 holy books in this world and the book named Injil had revealed through Isa ibn Maryam. And his successor as a prophet was Muhammad, he is the last prophet of Islam.

Christianity has followed by 2.4 billion people all around the world. The four largest branches of Christianity are
  • Catholic Church
  • Protestantism Church
  • Eastern Orthodox Church and
  • Oriental Orthodoxy

Christianity is growing and spreading rapidly in this world. It is also spreading in Asia and Africa continents both are the top populous continents of this world.

Festivals bring joy, happiness, and new beginnings in life of people. It would not be wrong if I say that we all love celebrating festivals and enjoy their various delicacies prepared.

Festivals are celebrated all over the world. Festivals signifies end of dark and beginning of new chapter of life. Every festival provides message of love, respect, faith for all human beings.

Festivals gives us the message of victory of faith, devotion, truth, goodness over the evil. It spreads the message of positivity and by this it also spreads the positive vibes all around the world.

So let us know about some of the major festivals celebrated in Christianity:

Top festivals of Christianity are: Christmas, Good Friday, Lent, Easter, All Saints day, Ascension Day, Epiphany, Mothering Day, Whit Sunday, and Week of prayer for Christian Unity.


It is the most important festival all over the world by the people who follow Christianity. It is the day to mark and signify the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.

He was born to Mother Mary and Father Joseph. Jesus Christ holds high position and respect in both Christianity and Islam Religions. In Christianity he is son of god and incarnation of god, but Islam rejects this believes and accepts him as the prophet of god, messenger of god, and as messiah.

On the day of Christmas people wear new clothes, pray in church, and prepare various delicacies.


It is an important festival in Christianity. Good Fridayis the day which signifies the day on which Jesus Christ was crucified by the emperor of Rome. It marks the day on which Jesus died. In Christianity both days on which Jesus was born and died have great significance throughout the world.

Ascension Day:

It is a day on which it has believed that Jesus Christ ascended to heaven. This is celebrated after 40 days of Easter.

Easter Day:

This is an important day celebrated in the whole Christian world. This day is celebrated after Good Friday. Christians believe that after the crucification of Jesus Christ his followers and his disciples started to feel his presence around them in new form.

On this day Easter Eggs are given which signifies the new life which they experience.

Lent and Ash Wednesday:

In Christianity there are two popular churches; Western Church and Eastern Church. Many people who follow Christianity follow any one of these Churches. On this day Christians are invited to be marked with a cross of ash it is done to show their desire to lead a better lives.

You might think why I am talking about these churches under this festival;

To understand and know about this festival you must know about these two different churches.

This is a 40 day long festival before Easter. During this time people prepare for Easter and focuses on holy and spiritual things. Many people under go fasting without food during these days.

In western churches this starts on the 7th Wednesday before Easter Day, and called as Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter does not include Sundays.

But in eastern church they includes Sundays an start this festival on Monday of 7th week before Easter and it ends on Friday just 9 days before Easter.

Christianity is a huge religion, it has its own customs, traditions, heritage and history to share and preserve for future generations. It is followed by billions of people.

As usual when there are two or more popular and strong things there will be struggle with them and also within themselves. According to me extremist thoughts are not right irrespective of religions and the preacher.

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