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Festivals Celebrated in Monaco

The first four weeks of February mark the beginning of Festivals in Monaco. This is the best time to visit the region where different festivals celebrated with great zeal and gusto. A holiday in this beautiful city offers tourists a wide variety of holiday experiences. Here is a brief description of the major festivals that celebrated in Monaco.

Characteristics of Festivals in Monaco

First of all, you should keep in mind the three principal Festivals celebrated in Monaco. These are the Feria de las Micas, Fiesta de Verano and the Festival of San Miguel. All these festivals have characterized by their distinctive characteristics. For example, the Fiesta of San Miguel has characterized by its costumes and processions while the Feria de Las Micas has its fair share of colorful costumes and fiestas. In addition to all these, festivals such as the celebrations of Santa Maria Nova, the celebration of the arrival of the Virgin Mary, and the Lancea Maria also held during this period of the year.

Feria de la Playa

The other two Festivals celebrated in Monaco are the Feria de la Playa, which has characterized by its processions and by its bullfights while the Festival of San Miguel is celebrated with much more enthusiasm. During the festival of San Miguel, families and friends gather to bid each other goodbye. During this festival, a bull named Blas de Moncayo made to run through the streets of the town. This is done with great pomp and pageantry. If you happen to be in Monaco during this festival, then you can also participate in bullfighting.

Fiesta de la Constitucion

Another one of the main Festivals of Monaco is the Fiesta de la Constitucion. This has characterized by the wearing of different types of costumes and by holding contests at the place where the costumes had created or made. It also includes food and drink which usually meant to be consumed during the festivity. At this point, a lot of money spent on decorations and food items. There are also plenty of lovely flowers that are used as decorations.

In the case of the Fiesta de la Constitucion, participants have the choice of wearing different costumes which range from typical Mexican clothes to Mexican clothes depicting colors from Mexico. They can also choose to wear a hat that is native to Mexico. Participants also have the choice of dancing to live music or to salsa music.

School Openings

The third main event of the season is the opening of schools and the celebration of new beginnings. The main highlight of this particular festival is when the students come out of school and join the community festivities. Throughout the day, mariachi bands play traditional Mexican music. Fireworks also add to the atmosphere. All the children participate in the running of the mariachi drums and at the beginning of the festival, a masked dancer comes on stage to perform a special program for the children.

Garifuna Arts Festival

A walk down memory lane is the highlight of the Garifuna Arts Festival. This is the festival where the souls of the gamete can remembered and honored. As participants walk along a trail, they will observe the way that the people of Monrovia lived in the past. During this particular festival, you will see the Garifuna women weaving by hand and you will also hear the stories of their lives. This considered to be one of the most historic events of the town and many tourists come to Monrovia just to watch the Garifuna women at work.

Other Festivals in Monaco

Other festivals celebrated in Monrovia include heals celebration for all those who are into dancing and the annual fiesta for all the coming Spanish wedding. You will also find the annual Fiesta de Verano which happens during January and characterized by fireworks and a massive celebration. All these events make Monrovia a lively and vibrant place to be a part of. It is no surprise that visitors have amazed by the many festivals that have celebrated in Monrovia.

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