Festivals Celebrated in Europe

Festivals Celebrated in Europe

Festivals Celebrated in Europe: Festivals in Europe are all about traditions and rituals, about the people’s love for food, music and dance. They are all about celebrating life and nature in their most colourful way. All festivals celebrated in europe are an incredible experience for the people, because they are the best way to show people about the beauty of the continent.

Festivals Celebrated in Europe
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Every year in europe there is a grand celebration widely attended by the people. The most famous of these festivals is the carnival. It is the biggest festival celebrated in europe. In every country that located on the Europe continent, a big celebration called the carnival. No matter what is the religion of a country, when it comes to celebrating carnival there is nothing more spectacular than seeing in streets full of colourful costumes and lot of noise.

Classic Festivals Celebrated in Europe

The other most popular festivals celebrated in europe are the classical festivals. They cover arts, music and dancing. These are all about culture and aesthetics. In each of the countries that have located on the Europe continent, there is at least one classical festival held every year. This is especially true about Austria and Germany.

Tuscany Music Festival

In Italy there is a major music festival that takes place in summertime. This is the Tuscany Music Festival. In this festival musicians from all over the country converge on Tuscany and have the best time of their lives. There are also theater performances and theatrical plays performed during the summertime in Italy. The most famous festival here is the Turin International Piano Competition.

In many countries there also a national parade arranged during some point of the year. It is very common to find parades for parades in many countries. The most famous parades are the parades in Poland and the Baltic states. You will never find a more spectacular display of military hardware than the parades that have organized in the Baltic states. If you get a chance to visit the Baltic states then do not miss out on the parade. It is also a great opportunity to see some of the most amazing parades of the Baltic states.


One of the most popular European festivals celebrated in Europe is the colorful fairs that have organized every year in mid October. Some of the most popular fairs include the Flea Market which has organized by the city of Brussels. It runs for three days and has filled with hundreds of stalls selling all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmers from all over the country bring their produce to sold on the flea market. There have also workshops and lectures on various food topics given by local farmers.

Balloon festival

Another well-known European festival in Europe is the Balloon festival in the month of October. The main highlight of the balloon festival is the two days of the celebration when people from all over europe fly over the Belgian countryside enjoying with balloon flights. This festival regarded as the most colorful and exciting celebration of its kind.

Festivals Celebrated in Europe

Festivals are celebrated in europe in every year with much grandeur and fervor. If you happen to travel to europe during the carnival times, you would witness the best fireworks displays and fire shows of Europe. The best time to travel to europe on the carnival days is in the last week of May. In this week, there is a special carnival street with all types of street performers and food stalls. This is a truly amazing display of fireworks and music. In addition to all this, the colorful and bonfire nightlife is something that no tourist can afford to miss.

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